Friday, October 31, 2008

Religious Games

*If you are interested in File Folder Games or other games that focus on religious subjects, here are links to Yahoo Groups that have lots to choose from that are for all ages and grades.

The Creative Kingdom- This is the "mother group" to all the Creative Kingdom groups. You must be a member of this group in order to access the files in any of the other Creative Kingdom groups (e-mails pertaining to all The Creative Kingdom groups are posted from here).

Old Creative Kingdom- File folder games pertaining to the Old Testament.

New Creative Kingdom- File folder games pertaining to the New Testament.

Other Creative Kingdom- File folder games that relate to other Christian subjects: Holidays, Church, Liturgy, Prayer, Rosary, Sacraments, Saints, Stations of the Cross, etc.

Creative Kingdom of Games N More- Games and other materials that relate to Bible stories (Old & New Testament) or other Christian subjects. Games include: Bingo, Memory, Go Fish, Sequencing, Card Games, Can Games, etc.

Creative Kingdom for Learning- This group makes and posts educational religious file folder games, crafts, worksheets, etc. The Christian educational materials will also include Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Language Arts, etc. with a Biblical focus.

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