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Gospel for the Mass: 3/17/13- John 8:1-11

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John 8:1-11

Activities Click on the month. Scroll down to the date for Coloring Page, Mass Worksheet, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, etc.

Theresa at will post a link to an activity sheet that coordinates with the Catholic Mass. There will be pictures and activities each week to help little kids understand and appreciate the Mass. Most weeks, she will also highlight a Saint whose feast day falls within that week or a liturgical symbol they can watch for at Mass. Resources on the Sunday Readings Scroll down to Gospel Reflection, Discussion Questions for the Gospel, and Proclaiming Faith Activities Background on the Gospel and activities for groups and families Jesus Forgives A Woman object lesson The Adulterous Woman lesson #204 with memory verses, circle the correct words, true or false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, and color sheets. Sinless in the Eyes of God lesson He Without Sin lesson with puzzles, coloring sheet, Bible readings, questions, memory verses, key points, object lesson, drama, puppets, etc. (These files are set up and formatted so that they can be easily made into weekly booklets for your children's ministry, youth ministry, etc., with 4 sheets of legal paper and two staples). Who is Without Sin? After taking balled-up pieces of paper and pretending to stone a sinner, the children will compare judging others to having sin in their own lives. (Note: You can change this activity to having the student throw the balled up pieces of paper toward a person that is drawn on the chalkboard). The Cookie Thief lesson with snack Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links and Resources

Other activities dealing with sin and forgiveness: God’s Forgiveness
This Object Talk will help demonstrate the power of God's forgiveness over our sins, and how the Holy Spirit can melt away the barriers that keeps us from Him. Sins Revealed
This Object Talk will help kids see that you cannot hide sin or pretend something never happened, because every sin is revealed in the end. Sin is Gross object lesson Restored object lesson Object lesson: A Heart for Jesus Object lesson: Don’t Sin Object lesson: Sin Spoils Free From Evil
Children will look up verses describing various kinds of sin, and will remove those sins taped all over a volunteer. Old Enough to Know
Children use colors and words to help discover the change that takes place when they become aware of sin in their life. Don’t Get Hooked story Object Lesson: God forgives you and cleanses you. With cooking activity, games, craft, etc. Object lesson: Coming Clean Object lesson: Sin and Forgiveness Object lesson: A Kerosene Lamp - A Lesson on Sin

Coloring The Adulterous Woman (page 2) I will be kind to others, even when they hurt me. Forgiving Others Makes Us Happy (scroll down to this). Give the children crayons or pencils and have them draw happy faces on the children in the picture. Then let them color the pictures. Ask the children to take the pictures home and put the pictures where they will remind them to forgive others.

Crafts Seventy Times Seven- How many times should I forgive? A delightful craft to show how often we should forgive one another. WWJD crafts Forgiveness Heart Craft The World Needs Forgiving Hearts (craft)

Games Forgive and Forget

Another version of this activity has been changed into the game below:

Throw Away Your Sins Game (This is for younger students to understand that their sins are forgiven).

Need: 1 trashcan, a piece of paper for each child, and 1 chair.

Directions: Give each child a piece of paper. Have the children think of a recent time that they sinned, such as telling a lie about their homework, arguing with their parents, or a time they were disobedient, etc. Next, have them think of how many times they sinned during the past week. Remind them of all the things that may be considered a sin, and have them write the number down on the piece of paper. Tell the children, “Let’s pretend that you made your confession to the priest and you did your penance. Now your sins are forgiven. Let’s throw away your sins.”

Put a trashcan against a wall. Have the children line up behind a chair (to keep them from getting too close to the basket). One by one, have them throw their sins into a trashcan that is a few feet away. Righteous Vs. Wicked (scroll down to this)
When you live a righteous life you grow towards God. When you live a wicked life, you move away from God. Clean Heart & Repent- (Scroll down to these two games.) Temptation Island
Through various fun games, activities, and group Bible discussions, participants will learn that temptation is from Satan and can lead to sin. Participants will also learn how to receive God's power to resist Satan's temptations. Event lasts approximately 3.5 hours. For grades 5 and up. What Would Jesus Do? Five in a Row
This game will help children to discover that when Jesus forgives them, their sins are forgotten. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry, page 125).

Introduce game: Do any of you like to forget what you have done wrong and point a finger at someone else for what they are doing wrong? God wants us to forgive each other and to look at what we do wrong and not to point our finger at others because they do wrong, we should set an example and help others do the right thing also.

The Catholic Toolbox- Two games: WWJD? And Moral Dilemmas

Puzzles All Sins Forgiven
A message is revealed in this puzzle with solution Word Search Crossword Crossword

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