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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Class 3/30/14

What are you doing in your classroom or home? I think it would be great to see what others are doing to exchange some ideas. I am constantly looking for new activities to do and I know others are too.

This is what I plan on doing with my first grade CCD class:


• Review - Sign of the Cross, Grace Before Meals, Glory Be, Lord’s Prayer/Our Father, Hail Mary

Prayer Activity-

Hail Mary Puzzle #2- All you need is some card stock and a copy machine. Print puzzle on card stock and have the students cut on the lines to make a puzzle. Have the students put the puzzle together to practice Hail Mary. Put puzzle pieces in an envelope or Ziploc bag.

• Review- Last week’s Take Home Sheet

• Review- People at Mass using People at Church Cards.

• Review- Liturgical Objects at Mass (pew, stoup, altar, chalice, ciborium, Body of Christ, Blood of Christ, tabernacle, bells, lectern, ambo, Lectionary, missal, Book of the Gospels, Processional Cross, cruets, Sacramentary, Sanctuary Lamp, Presider’s/Celebrant’s Chair, missal, hymnal) using Liturgical Objects Used at Mass Cards.

If the students need help:

*Give them a clue such as saying out loud the first syllable of the word or the definition.

Lesson Plan-

Holy Week and go over vocabulary words with students. Read story: “Death on the Cross” The Usborne Children's Bible by Heather Amery and ask questions from Take Home Sheet that will be sent home today. Note: When I read the story to the students I usually sit in the chair in the corner by the board and have the students sit on the floor in front of me. After the students have answered the questions about the story, I have them go back to their seats to continue with what is on the lesson plan (activity, craft, game, puzzles/worksheets, etc.).

Activity- Introduce worksheet- Can you tell me happened during Holy Week? Let’s find out.

The activity below is free, however it can only to be used for classroom and personal use. It may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit.

What Happened During Holy Week (worksheet)- Ask the students what is happening in the first picture. Discuss. Then ask them, “What day of Holy Week is it?” Write #1 on the board and Palm/Passion Sunday beside the number. Continue with pictures 2 – 4. Have students color the pictures.

Movie- The Easter Story (30 min.)
Ask questions from Take Home Sheet that will be sent home today.

Craft- Introduce craft: What crowed three times just like Jesus said it would? (A rooster.) Who denied Jesus three times just like Jesus said someone would? (Peter)

first-school.ws- Rooster
A cute rooster craft made with a paper plate. *Leave off the feet and the rooster can rock back and forth.

One Page Bible Story-

lambsongs.co.nz- “Easter Story” by Jill Kemp

Have students read the one page Bible story out loud in class by taking turns (each read a page) and take home to read to their parents. Students can also color one page Bible story.

Game- Introduce game: How well do you know about Holy Week? Let’s find out.

Pass the Rooster!

Directions: An egg timer is set for any time the teacher wishes. Have the students sit in a circle. The teacher then gives a student a rooster and asks them a Bible Question. The student must answer the question correctly. If they do not, the student must answer another question until they are correct. When the student is correct, the teacher says, “Pass the rooster!” and the student passes the rooster to the person on their right and that student must answer a Bible Question to be able to pass the rooster. Whoever is holding the rooster with the timer goes off is the rooster.

*Use questions for game from lesson plan.

Puzzles & Worksheets- While students are doing puzzles/worksheets, etc. they may say a prayer. Students are asked to recite 5 prayers by the end of the year. A “We Know Our Prayers” chart is on the bulletin board. If the student can recite the prayer correctly, write the date on the chart, and they get to pick a prize from the prize bag.

Jesus Who- Hidden Pictures: Explore Hidden Treasures in God’s Word Grade 1-3 by Linda Standke, page 27

Homework- Give each student a Death on a Cross Take Home Sheet for their parents to go over with them to review what we have done in class. Parents need to help their child fill this out and bring back to class the following week. Students that complete their homework and bring it back to class will be able to play Homeworkopoly. Each Sunday the students make a mini story book and/or story wheel in class. Students need to read these to their parents (or the parents read to them) the mini book and/or story wheel for homework.

What will you do in your classroom or home? Please comment so I can add the link to your blog to this post. We would love to see what you do!

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