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Friday, March 3, 2017

Gospel for the Mass: 4/2/17- John 11:1-45

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John 11:1-45


catholicmom.com- Click on the month. Scroll down to the date for Coloring Page, Mass Worksheet, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, etc.

catholickidsbulletin.blogspot.com- Download a FREE bulletin to help your kids learn more about our Catholic Mass. Each week's bulletin contains coloring pages for a saint and activities based on the Gospel. The coloring pages may also include a maze, dot-to-dot, find the picture, and many other activities.

loyolapress.com- Background on the Gospel and activities for groups and families

4catholiceducatiors.com- Resources on the Sunday Readings

mssscrafts.com- Mary, Martha, & Lazarus with tons of resources for illustrating the story, coloring pages/activity sheets, crafts, and songs.

sermons4kids.com- A Savior Who Weeps object lesson with group activities, coloring page, puzzles, quiz, worship bulletin

sermons4kids.com- Overtime! object lesson

sermons4kids.com- That’s What Friends Are For lesson with group activities, coloring page, puzzles, quizzes, worship bulletin

calvarycurriculum.com- Jesus Raises Lazarus lesson # 207 with memory verses, circle the correct words, true or false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, and color sheets.

sundayschoollessons.com- Jesus Recalls Lazarus to Life lesson

kidsclub4jesus.com- Lazarus Arise lesson with puzzles, coloring sheet, Bible readings, questions, memory verses, key points, object lesson, drama, puppets, etc. (These files are set up and formatted so that they can be easily made into weekly booklets for your children's ministry, youth ministry, etc., with 4 sheets of legal paper and two staples).

sundayschoolsources.com- Lazarus Is Raised lesson with vocabulary, discussions, questions, memory work, etc.

gardenofpraise.com- Raising of Lazarus lesson with puzzles and quizzes

kidssundayschool.com- Unseen Faith object lesson. This object talk demonstrates how faith in our Lord can help us from being crushed by fear.

kidssundayschool.com- Do You Believe?
An activity to compare how easily children believe in things they have not seen to show how they can believe in an unseen God.

childrensministryvault.com- Real Faith object lesson

The Catholic Toolbox- What Can Teens Do For Gospel For The Mass Activities?

textweek.com- Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links and Resources


sermons4kids.com- Jesus raised Lazarus

sermons4kids.com- Jesus Raises Lazarus

azcoloring.com- Several coloring pages posted


sermons4kids.com- A Savior Who Weeps group activities (crafts)

sermons4kids.com- That’s What Friends Are For group activities (crafts)

daniellesplace.com- Lazarus Paper Doll craft

churchhousecollection.blogspot.com- Jesus Raised Lazarus From The Dead Lapbook Craft For Kids In Sunday School or Children's Church

grassroots.com- The Death of Lazarus (scroll down to craft activity)

christiangamesandcrafts.com- Lazarus Mummy Doll Bible Crafts and Lazarus Mummy Roll Bible Craft

kinderbijbeltijd.nl- Lazarus Flannel Board (scroll down for this)


sermons4kids.com- A Savior Who Weeps group activities (games)

sermons4kids.com- That’s What Friends Are For group activities (games)

childrensministry.com- Lazarus Race

daniellesplace.com- Lazarus or Leprosy Bible Lesson Crafts and Activities Ideas
Lazarus Come Out Bible Game and Craft
Wrap Lazarus Sunday School Game
Bible Verse Review Game
Unwrap Lazarus Bible Review Game
Lazarus Come Out, Lazarus Go In

Spitball Float (Jesus Raises Lazarus)- As your kids explore the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, they’ll discover just how powerful God is. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry by Group Publishing, page 96).


sermons4kids.com- Maze

Jesus’ friend Lazarus died and was laid in a tomb. What happened next? Join up the dots to find out. (More 365 Activities for Kids, November 1)

Lazarus Comes Back to Life- Look at the pictures below. These are the people from our story. Do you know which one is Jesus? Write JESUS under His picture. Mary is wearing a shawl on her head. Can you find her? Write her name. Martha has her hands in the air praising God. Write her name. Which one do you think is Lazarus? Big Puzzles for Little Hands: Jesus’ Life and Lessons by Carla Williams, page 33).

Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead- The fruit on this tree is all mixed up. See if you can unscramble every word on each piece of fruit. Then match the numbers and write the word in the blank. This Bible verse is what Jesus told Lazarus’ sisters before He performed this miracle. (Red Hot Bible Puzzles, by Nancy I. Sanders, page 43).

sermons4kids.com- Word Search

sermons4kids.com- Word Search

joanyedwards.com- Word Search

sermons4kids.com- Jumble

sermons4kids.com- Crossword

joanyedwards.com- Crossword


sermons4kids.com- Multiple Choice

gardenofpraise.com- Multiple Choice

sermons4kids.com- Fill in the Blanks

gardenofpraise.com- John 11:25-27 (fill in the blanks)

gardenofpraise.com- John 11:1-46 (fill in the blanks with word bank)


pillsbury.com- Crescent Mummy Dogs

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