Sunday, October 4, 2020

Gospel for the Mass: 11/29/20- Mark 13:33-37 (Need for Watchfulness)

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Mark 13:33-37

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Click on l’oiseau en papier to print out the paper bird, and la maison suisse to print out the Swiss house. Be sure to use to translate directions. Or go to for English directions. Printable cuckoo clock template only posted at Cuckoo Clock Printable Pop Up Card (you can paste another clock face on this template if you wish) A Cute Cuckoo Clock Paper Toy (printable and you can also use it as a template to design your own)

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Questions for Worksheet:
• Explain this parable.
• Why is watching important?
• What does Jesus want us to watch for?
• What does sleeping represent in this parable?
• Have you ever been asleep to God’s messages?

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