Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fill Your Seder Plate Game

Here is a cute game that I found on the internet and I had to share.

Have you ever experienced a Passover Seder? For many, Seder meals are not a common part of their typical Holy Week traditions. To help children understand what was eaten during this meal, here is a game that reviews the traditional food of the Seder meal.

yumpu.com- Fill Your Seder Plate Board Game

Object of the Game: To collect the five objects that go on the Seder plate.

Materials Needed:
1 game board
1 “Fill The Seder Plate” paper per player
1 die
1 pawn per player
crayons or markers

To Play: Give each player one Seder plate paper. Each player selects a pawn and places it on any “START”. The first player rolls the die and moves clockwise the number of spaces indicated. If the player lands on an object and does not have that object, then the player colors that object on the player’s Seder plate paper. When a player has “filled their Seder plate”, he/she is the winner. (Optional: Players may move either clockwise or counter clockwise to make it easier to land on the object they need.)


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Oh my goodness! You just don't stop with the cool stuff, do you? I'm totally planning on running a Seder meal post, so I'm really excited about this! I'm really glad I'm having the lent link-up so that everyone will be able to find stuff before I can get around to featuring it all! Thanks for the another great game, Laura!!!

Amazing_Grace said...

I found this game online and it was just so cute! I think the kids will love playing it and learn a lot too! :)

PattyinCT said...

Wow! I just sent this on to my friend who is hosting our annual "Seder supper" in the hopes that all the children can play before the adults sit down to eat! yay!
Thanks for posting this!!!

Amazing_Grace said...

I hope the kids enjoy it! :)