Saturday, September 3, 2022

What is the key to success when teaching CCD?

Organization is key to keep students attentive and to keep discipline problems down to the minimum. Always, always. always have a predictable routine that you follow EVERY week. That way your students will know what to expect and there will be less behavior problems.

Welcome- Greet each student and parent. Welcome them to class each day.

Assigned Seating- Name tags on the desk works best so students won’t wander around the classroom and get into trouble. You will probably have to move students around from time to time according to how they get along with others. Having assigned seats and seating chart to use also helps the substitute teacher and you learn the students names and it is easier to take attendance.

Attendance- Take attendance each week.

Bell Work- Bell Work is class work that students are doing when the bell rings. It is always the first task the students do. Many teachers use Bell Work to keep students busy and occupied when they first come into the classroom. It can also be used when students have finished their regular work a little early. It will help these students not to rush through their work when they have a challenging activity. Rules of Bell Work and What To Do For Bell Work

Classroom Behavior Expectations- When establishing classroom rules you should identify behavioral expectations for your classroom. For each expectation you need to identify management strategies to address the expectation while promoting a positive environment in your classroom. As much as possible, keep your management strategies simple and to the point. Remember, to have effective classroom management you need to familiarized all your students with your classroom rules the first day of class and post them in a place where all students can see them. Classroom Behavior Expectations- What to consider before you write your classroom rules

Lesson- Having a well thought out and well planned lesson helps the students learn to their fullest potential and keeps behavior problems down to the minimum. What should you include in your lesson plan? Your lesson should contain a detailed, step-by-step description of how to do the lesson and achieve lesson plan objectives. This includes all the activities the teacher will have the students do.

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