Saturday, February 19, 2011

Story Wheels

A story wheel can be used with any lesson you are teaching. They are also a great way to supplement your Bible stories and help your students to remember the lesson. Children turn their story wheel dial to retell the Bible story they learned over and over again. Story wheels can be made with 2 paper plates or you can use cardstock or tagboard. Just print out small coloring pictures for the student to color and glue on to the story wheel. Or you can use stickers to help tell the Bible story.

Story Wheel Templates Story Wheel Template Story Wheel Template

Story Wheels Online Days of Creation Wheel Creation Brad Wheel Creation Wheel Creation Wheel Craft (scroll down to this) Various Old Testament Story Wheels (scroll down for these) Nativity Story Wheel Wandering in the Wilderness Story Wheel Easter Story Wheel

Books with Story Wheels

Bible Wheels To Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo- Bible Wheels are Bible stories on wheels that help reinforce Bible stories. Children ages 4 to 7 can make the Bible Wheels easily by cutting them out, coloring, and assembling. Each wheel is made from two reproducible patterns that you can print out on cardstock and are secured with a brass fastener. A window in the wheel reveals what happens in the Bible story and the children can turn the wheel dial to retell the Bible story they just learned over and over again. Bible Wheels are a great way to supplement your Bible stories and help your students to remember the lesson. Children are fascinated by how they work and the Bible Wheels in this book will surely keep the children’s attention and spark their imagination. The book contains 30 (14 Old and 16 New Testament) Bible Wheels that have limited text with the title of the story, the Bible reference and pictures telling the Bible story on each one. Cutting is simple but for younger students you might want to cut out all or some of the craft prior to class. Bible Wheels are a great take home activity for children to do with their parents and they are an excellent way to help the children remember the Bible story.

Preschool Christian Crafts by Linda Standke- (pages 37 – 46)

Directions on how to make a story wheel and patterns are included in this book for various Bible stories.

• Garden of Eden
• Resurrection
• Noah
• Birth of Jesus
• Daniel in the Lion’s Den
• Jonah

Here are a few I made.

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Directions: Print the top and bottom wheels out on cardstock. Cut out wheels. Cut out the window on the top wheel so you can see the pictures as you turn it. Have children color wheels. Attach a brass fastener through the center of both wheels. On the back of the bottom wheel attach a strip of cardstock (at least 1 inch wide and 6 inches long) leaving half extended over the side (so you can turn the wheel). You can also draw an arrow on the top side of the strip on the end to indicate which way to turn the bottom wheel.

Adam & Eve Story Wheel:

Cut out apple shape (not stem and leaves) on the inside line edge.

Adam & Eve Story Wheel- Printable

Fishers of Men Story Wheel:

Fishers of Men Story Wheel- Printable template

The Good Samaritan Story Wheel:

The Good Samaritan Story Wheel- Printable template


Unknown said...

Adorable! I am really feeling a call to volunteer to teach REP next year. My kids don't get this stuff there and I would love to introduce it! I am supplementing at home and will be using this with my two younger boys!

Amazing_Grace said...

I hope you volunteer to teach REP next year! I have been teaching CCD for 13 years now and just LOVE it! I am constantly learning new things all the time with my students and enjoy finding activities to use. :)

Oh, your boys will love story wheels! My students love doing them and they are such a great teaching tool. By the way, the book- Bible Wheels To Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo is fantastic! So creative and fun!

What age will you teach next year?