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Liturgical Year Activities

Need some Liturgical Year Activities? Here some of my favorite activities that might come in handy. Liturgical Year Activities Liturgical Year Lesson Plan and Flashcard Activity Teaching About the Liturgical Year lesson with handout Learning About Priest Vestments (Free Printable and E-Book Activity) Activities for Liturgical Year A Cycle B Resources: The Gospel of Mark Activities for Liturgical Year C The Liturgical Year (activities) The Liturgical Year (this activity is intended to introduce students to the liturgical year and major seasons of the church calendar)

Coloring The Liturgical Year Coloring Book The Liturgical Calendar 2023-2024 Liturgical Year Calendar with coloring guide (scroll down to this)

Crafts Teaching Children the Liturgical Colors of the Church Year (craft) Liturgical Calendar; Printable Craft For Catholic Kids! Christ the King is the last Sunday in the lectionary year and is a perfect time to be thinking of the whole year in focus. This darling little calendar can be used all year and it’s bright colors reflect the liturgical colors.


sbennettstann.weebly- Liturgical Calendar Jeopardy Game FeastDay! The Liturgical Year Board Game
This is a learning game based on informative trivia questions for each of the liturgical (Church) seasons. If players start on the Advent season, the start of the Church year, and progress around the board, they can in effect “play” their way through the year. There are question cards for each season along with bonus FeastDay! cards explaining about feasts and devotions. Liturgical Year Board Game
Children learn best through fun experiences, and the Liturgical Year Board Game provides both: it's an exciting game that teaches about the Catholic year in an engaging way that doesn't feel like learning. The Liturgical Year Board Game is perfect for parents and relatives, Catholic school teachers, catechists and DREs of children in 3rd through 6th grade, and middle or high school youth ministers.

Sitting Duck!- Answer questions about the liturgical year as you make your way around the board. Be careful for the "Sitting Duck!" space or you might have to go all the way back to START.

Seasons of the Liturgical Year- This game is based on the Feast Day! and can be played individually or in teams. The object of the game is to collect tokens by moving around the game board by answering questions about feast days as well as important facts about the teachings of the Church that are woven through the Liturgical Year. The player with the most tokens at the end of the game, wins.

Puzzles Liturgical Calendar (word search) Liturgical Calendar (crossword)

Worksheets Sacred Time: The Liturgical Calendar (A worksheet where students are asked to fill in information on the liturgical calendar.) The Liturgical Year (A research assignment on the Liturgical Year: unfolding the Paschal Mystery.) The Liturgical Calendar
Part 1: Write the names of the liturgical seasons and the months in which they occur in the appropriate spaces on the liturgical calendar. You may refer to part 2 for a list of the names. Also color in (or legibly print the name of) the liturgical color associated with each section of the calendar. Part 2: Write a brief description of each liturgical season, liturgical celebration, or both, and place them in their proper order by numbering each, beginning with Advent as “1.” One liturgical time occurs twice on the calendar and will, therefore, have two numbers associated with it. Liturgical Year Match
Column 1 lists the holy days of obligation and several other feast days of the Liturgical Year. Column 2 lists the dates on which those feasts are celebrated. The task of each group is to match the holy day or feast day with its date, and then to list the days and dates in the order of the Liturgical Year in column 3.

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The Liturgical Year Worksheet with answers- Fill in the blanks. A word bank is provided.

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