Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Liturgical Year Activities

Need some Liturgical Year Activities? Here some of my favorite activities that might come in handy. Liturgical Year Activities Liturgical Year Lesson Plan and Flashcard Activity Family Formation Classroom Lesson Sacred Seasons of the Church Wheel Kid’s Small Season of the Church Wheel (craft) Learning About Priest Vestments (Free Printable and E-Book Activity)


sbennettstann.weebly- Liturgical Calendar Jeopardy Game

Sitting Duck!- Answer questions about the liturgical year as you make your way around the board. Be careful for the "Sitting Duck!" space or you might have to go all the way back to START.

Puzzles/Worksheets Liturgical Calendar (word search) Liturgical Calendar (crossword)

The Liturgical Year Activity Sheet- Use the Liturgical Year Calendar to do the following activities.

The Liturgical Year Worksheet with answers- Fill in the blanks. A word bank is provided. Sacred Time: The Liturgical Calendar (A worksheet where students are asked to fill in information on the liturgical calendar.) The Liturgical Year (A research assignment on the Liturgical Year: unfolding the Paschal Mystery.) Liturgical Year Match Four times during the school year, Pflaum Gospel Weeklies provides three ready-to-print activities for each level; Seeds (Preschool), Promise (Grades K-1), Good News (Grades 2-3), Venture (Grades 4-6) and Visions (Grades 7-8). Plus each season special features for the entire family.

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