Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy Activities

Activities Catholic Jubilee Year of Mercy Activities and Worksheets Ideas for the Year of Mercy: It's Here! Crafts, bulletin boards, printables, notebooking activity, lapbook, mini shrine, coloring pages, prayer cards, saints, mini books to print, videos, door signs, books to read, etc. Corporal Works of Mercy Teaching Tools Spiritual Works of Mercy Teaching Tools Activities for Home and CCD classes (scroll down to this) 50 Corporal Works of Mercy Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List The young people will reflect on how they can practice the Works of Mercy by doing this activity. Teach the children the specific Works of Mercy To investigate how the parish and the community promote the Corporal Works of Mercy Teach children the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy with this activity Works of Mercy Prayers and Activities—Free Resource Packet Perfect for the Year of Mercy Suggestions and Practicing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy Here you will find some great ideas and resources for primary schools

Booklets Works of Mercy Booklet Ideas for the Year of Mercy: It's Here! (scroll down for printable mini books)

Games Works of Mercy Game

Lessons Mercy Mercy Mercy (lesson) Works of Mercy Tableau The Two Feet of Love in Action: Session for Teens
This facilitator’s guide can help you as you lead a group of high school age participants to learn about and reflect on living out the call to discipleship through these two distinct, but complementary, ways of responding in love to the needs of our neighbors. Mercy Works: The Hands-on Gospel
This activity uses a hand motif to make a connection with the corporal worksof mercy as listed in Matthew’s Gospel. The young teens are challenged to find ways to practice each of those Christian actions. A tangible end result, a wreath of hands, serves as a visible symbol of the acts of service performed by the young people. Lesson - Corporal Works of Mercy The Works of Mercy and Happiness (lesson)


The Catholic Toolbox- Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy (word jumble) Works of Mercy (crossword) Works of Mercy (crossword) with answers


Check the activities above for worksheets as well. Works of Mercy Worksheet Read each example below and identify which Corporal Work of Mercy it describes. Works of Mercy Worksheets Works of Mercy Worksheets

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