Saturday, February 4, 2012


Linda is looking for ideas to help teach her 13 & 14 year old students about friendship and how we choose good friends, what qualities we look for, etc. Does anyone have any ideas that could help her?

Here are some ideas:

Google: Making and Keeping Friends
Lots of ideas and activities to use with your students.

Be sure to check out: Making and Keeping Good Friends (lesson) Making and Keeping Friends: A Self Help Guide Advice for Christian Teens Help Students Make and Keep Friends (lesson plans) Making and Keeping Friends Lesson Recipe for Making Friends (worksheet) Scroll down to Lesson 14: Making and Keeping Friends Making Friends (lesson)


Make your own game like this one: Making and Keeping Friends Cards

This deck of cards focuses on real-life situations that help teens reflect on their own friendship skills and their personal values as they make and keep friends.

Full Description: The High School version presents more complex and sophisticated questions that are appropriate for teens and reflect the complex issues they are faced with every day.

You could also use these games to help teach your students about making the right decisions or just use some of the cards to play the game above.

WWJD & Morals Dilemmas Card Game

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great resources. thank you~!