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Monday, June 4, 2018

Ten Commandments (Catholic) game

This game is free, however it is only to be used for classroom and personal use. It may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. Reproduction or retransmission of any materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, is not permitted.

Ten Commandments File Folder Game: The objective of the game is to identify which one of the Ten Commandments the sin broke.

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Kathy said...

It's me again - I LOVE YOUR GAMES!! I homeschool two 2nd graders for sacramental prep, and they wrote thier own version of the commandments first while we did the normal, boring CCD stuff. Then I whipped out your game and let them use their "cheat sheets" of commandments to answer the questions, AND THEY LOVED IT!! They were able to answer which commandment it was without even looking by the end of the game! They want me to bring it back so they can play again next week! THANK YOU for making these wonderful teaching tools!!! ~ Kathy

Amazing_Grace said...

I'm so glad that your students are enjoying the game. If you need anything else, let me know and I will try to help. :)

I have made some sacramental games that your students might like. Just scroll down to GAMES on the right side bar (down at the bottom) and click on the ones you want.

mary Beth said...

Hi...I am going to try the Ten Commandment game out on my 4th grade RE class on Sunday. Looks great. I will let you know how it goes.

BTW, I love your site. Just found it this morning as I was preparing for my lesson.

Amazing_Grace said...

Mary Beth- Thank you so much for your kind words. Please let us know how it goes. If you need anything just let me know. :)

~.:*Elizabeth*:.~ said...

I'm confused about how this game works, I also couldn't find the game cards. I did not understand what the question marks stood for on the game board. I wouldn't know how to present this to my class without first knowing how to play myself.

Amazing_Grace said...

Elizabeth- Click on "Directions" (in blue) that is above to find out how to play the game. Click on "Question Cards" (in blue) for the question cards.

I hope this helps. :)

jennifer hansen said...

I am going to try your game with my Danish kids here in Denmark! I of course have to translate it into Danish first, but thank you for your ideas!
An American living in Denmark

Amazing_Grace said...

Jennifer Hansen-
How wonderful! I am so glad that you can use it with your students. Please let us know how it goes. :)

pauline said...

This is a great game but your game cards are mixed up. I think you put #1 on the two's and then were one number behind for the rest of the cards. Example: 2's should be 3, 3's should be 4, etc.. But thank you for sharing it. After I fix it, it will be great!!

Amazing_Grace said...

Pauline- The Catholic version is posted, but you can easily change this to a Protestant version by editing the Game Cards. :)

Amanda Roberts said...

Thanks for the game! I used it will all grade levels (I did modify some cards for the younger kids) and it was a big hit with all of them. It really got them talking about the commandments and debating the situations so it was a great teaching/learning tool! Thanks!

Amazing_Grace said...

Amanda Roberts- I am so glad your students enjoyed the game and learned a lot about the Ten Commandments. :)