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Lesson Plan- Jonah and the Whale (1st grade on up)

Jonah and the Whale

Objectives: The students will be able to
- retell the story Jonah and the Whale
- explain the importance of obedience to God and the need to serve Him each day
- explain that actions have consequences
- identify who never stops loving us
- discuss that everyone makes mistakes and we can be forgiven
- locate Nineveh on a map

Prayer, Take Home Sheet, and vocabulary from last week’s lesson and also Objects Used as Mass cards (show picture cards that we have done thus far)

Vocabulary Words: (Write the bold words on the board and discuss with class)

whale- a large marine mammal the breathes through a blowhole on the top of its head
sorry- feeling bad about something you have done
Nineveh- an "exceeding great city", as it is called in the Book of Jonah, was on the eastern bank of the Tigris in ancient Assyria, across the river from the modern-day major city of Mosul, Iraq (show students this on a map and have students find it on a map)


Read story: "Jonah and the Whale" and ask questions from Take Home Sheet that will be sent home today.

Tell the story using Memorable Balloon Story of Jonah and the Fish


Introduce activity: Who was swallowed by a whale? Jonah and the Great Fish object lesson Jonah lesson with memory verse, teacher's guide, puzzles, take home sheet, coloring pages, crafts and activities, etc. 3 lessons with memory verses, circle the correct words, true or false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, and color sheets.

- Jonah and the Great Fish
- Nineveh Repents
- Jonah is Humbled by God Jonah’s Whale lesson with puzzles, coloring sheet, Bible readings, questions, memory verses, key points, object lesson, drama, puppets, etc. (These files are set up and formatted so that they can be easily made into weekly booklets for your children's ministry, youth ministry, etc., with 4 sheets of legal paper and two staples). Jonah lesson Jonah lesson with activities


Introduce craft: What swallowed Jonah? A whale.

Jonah in the Big Fish Puppet- Students make a very creative puppet to act out the story "Jonah and the Big Fish". (Crafts from your favorite Bible Stories by Kathy Ross, pages 36 & 37). Jonah and the Big Fish
A whale of a craft that helps kids remember the story. Lunch Bag Fish (page 2)

Jonah Into the Whale Flip Game- A fun craft and game all rolled into one. (Crafts to make in the Fall by Kathy Ross, pages 26 & 27).

Jonah & the Big Fish- Bible Story Wheel (Bible Wheels to Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo, page 31 & 32.)


Introduce game: Do you think you know the story about Jonah? Let’s find out.

I am going to ask you questions (below) and if you answer correctly, you get to see if you can spit Jonah out on to dry land (demonstrate this by tossing Jonah onto a table that is a few feet away).

Use the whale from below and make a little Jonah out of a clothes pin and decorate. Put inside the whale. Jonah and the Whale Water Whale Scoop

Jonah Questions:

1. What did God want Jonah to do? (He told Jonah to go to a city called Nineveh and tell the people who lived there about Him.)

2. Why didn’t Jonah want to go to Nineveh? (Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh because the people who lived there did not obey God.)

3. What did Jonah do? (Ran away and got on a ship.)

4. What happened when Jonah was on the ship? (A big storm started.)

5. What did the sailors do when the storm came up? (Everyone on the ship was scared that they were going to die and prayed to their gods for help.)

6. Where was Jonah when the storm came up? (He was fast asleep on the bottom of the ship.)

7. What did Jonah say when the sailors asked him to start praying? (I can’t pray to God. I’m running away from Him.)

8. What happened when Jonah was thrown over board? (The storm stopped.)

9. How many days was Jonah inside the fish? (Three days.)

10. Where did the whale spit Jonah out? (On dry land.)

11. What did Jonah do after the fish spit him out? (Went to Nineveh.)

12. What did he tell the people of Nineveh? (He told the people there that unless they told God they were sorry for being bad and began to do the right things, God would destroy their city in forty days.)

13. Did the people of Nineveh listen to Jonah? (Yes)

14. What did the king order the people to do? (To be sorry for their badness and pray to God.)

15. Was Jonah happy about that? (No, he wanted God to destroy Nineveh.)

16. Can anyone run away from God? (No)

17. Why? (Because God is everywhere.)

18. What does God want us to do when we do something wrong? (Say we are sorry and ask for forgiveness.)

19. What does God do when we are sorry and ask for forgiveness? (He forgives us.) Trust Trash (Jonah Learns To Obey God)
This game will help your kids discover why trusting God is important through the story of Jonah and the big fish. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry, page 65). Running Away
Explain to the children that you cannot run away from God. He knows where you are all of the time. Have the children stand in a line in front of you but facing the opposite direction. Read the statements below to them. If they think the child is running away from God, they are to take three steps away from you. If they think the child is listening and obeying God, they move three steps toward you. (Several scenarios are posted to play the game.) Hey, Obey!
Teams try to be the first to reach the goal by choosing and following instructions on “Obey God” and “Excuses Cards”. A team advances and/or suffers punishment as a collective group. (This game goes with another lesson, but can easily be used for Jonah and the Whale.) Full Tilt Wacky Games, by David C Cook Publishing Company, page 14 – 17. Get My Drift
Players will try to navigate a maze or obstacle course while being besieged by all types of sights and sounds from other teams. Their partner is the only one that has the directions on how to complete the maze or obstacle course and they must tell the person how to find their way through it. They will need to focus on their partner, who is trying to get their attention to be able to complete the course. (Full Tilt Wacky Games, by David C Cook Publishing Company, page 62 - 65).


Introduce snack: What swallowed Jonah? A whale.

Make Jell-O Jigglers of fish/whale shapes and put a gummy shape person inside.

Puzzles, Mazes, Worksheets:

More 365 Activities for Kids (do any of the Jonah puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, spot the difference, etc. from July 16 - 22).

Swallowed by a Fish- Amazing Bible Mazes by Anita Reith Stohs Jonah and the Great Fish (maze) Jonah puzzles (anagrams, cryptogram, crossword, mazes, word-mining sheets, word searches)

Jonah Takes a Detour (find the hidden picture)- Hidden Pictures Explore Hidden Treasures in God’s Word: Grades 1 – 3 by Linda Standke, page 15. Jonah (word search) Jonah and the Big Fish (word search) Jonah (word search) Jonah (crossword) Jonah and the Big Fish (crossword) Jonah (word scramble) Jonah and the Whale (decode the words in the puzzle) A Book of Great Things
Can you find the great things that are in the following verses?

Homework: Prayers and Take Home Sheet (It is in MS Word and can be changed any way you like according to your student’s abilities.)

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