Thursday, December 3, 2009

Veggie Tales

There are tons of Veggie Tales stuff out there to buy, but you can also find things that are free online.

Do you know of any more freebies that I can add to the list?

Sites with lots of Veggie Tales Stuff: Official site with games, coloring pages, activities, puzzles, etc. Veggie Tales Activities (crafts, games, printables, etc.) Sound clips, coloring pages, Windows icons, desktop wallpaper, video clips and more. Veggie Tales song lyrics

Veggie Tale Crafts: Paper crafts of: Bob the Tomato, Frankencelery, Jimmy the Gourd, Junior Asparagus, Larry the Cucumber, Larry Boy, Laura the Carrot, Mr. Lunt, Madame Blueberry, Peach, Percy the Pea Crafts: Bob the Tomato, Veggie Tales Balloons, Junior Asparagus Hat Holder, Veggie Tale Paper Weight, Jerry and Jimmy Gourd Craft Bob the Tomato Toy Crafts: Carrot Pencil Topper, Cucumber Pencil Topper, Dancing Cucumber, Tomato Fan, Veggie Tales Puppets Paper Mache Veggie Tales Pinata

Veggie Tales Games: Veggie Tales Bingo, Pin the nose on Bob the Tomato Veggie Tales Dominoes, Veggie Tales Memory Game Veggie Golf: Kids can turn their favorite Veggie Tales characters into a summer game of croquet with this corrugated plastic craft.

Bible Story Show Down Game- Jesus told us to help others. Help the Veggie Tales gang answer questions about Bible stories as you move around the board.

Veggie Tales Coloring, Puzzles & Worksheets: Coloring pages 12 Veggie Tales coloring pages 11 Veggie Tales coloring pages

*To make puzzles: You can print out coloring sheets on cardstock and have your children color them. Cut the pictures into simple shapes and put in a ziplock bag for safe keeping.

Boyz in the Sink (easy Sudoku puzzle)- VeggieTales:Easy Sudoku Puzzles #1 by Ron Eddy, page 5. (Click on Sample and go to page 5.)

The Story of Fibber-o-Loo (easy Sudoku puzzle)- VeggieTales:Easy Sudoku Puzzles #1 by Ron Eddy, page 9. (Click on Sample and go to page 9.)

Larry’s Lagoon (easy Sudoku puzzle)- VeggieTales:Easy Sudoku Puzzles #1 by Ron Eddy, page 10. (Click on Sample and go to page 10.)

Veggie Tales Party Ideas: Veggie Tales party ideas Veggie Tales party ideas Veggie Tales party ideas


Lacy said...

Thank you for featuring me! :-)

Isn't it funny that we both happened to have Veggie Tales on the brain this week? The Bob the Tomato toy is actually an original project of mine. The original post is on my personal blog and I "featured" it on Catholic Icing. I've made 4 of them for Christmas presents this year. Thanks for all the other Veggie Tales resources! :-D

Amazing_Grace said...


I hope linking to your blog brings some traffic. You have a great blog and others will really enjoy all the ideas you posted. :)

Bob the Tomato toy would make great Christmas presents!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks! Did you know Daniel asked to watch the Veggie Tale's Star of Christmas this morning?!

Amazing_Grace said...


I wish I could watch it with Daniel. :)

Anonymous said...

=) I'm excited about Christmas this year. That DVD helped Daniel learn the real meaning of Christmas (this past summer) and now I can tell him using the nativity advent calendar scene we have. In past years he wasn't interested AT ALL and I didn't know how to teach him in a way he would understand and care about. I guess VeggieTales made him able to relate to it and now he's more open to talk about it. (If that makes sense?!)

Amazing_Grace said...


I show my students a DVD about the real Christmas and I think they understand it a whole lot more by seeing it.

I didn't know about the Christmas Veggie Tale DVD. I GOT to see it! Thank you for the info. :)

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to it. I like that the kids learn that Christmas isn't about toys, "It's about giving and the baby Jesus".

Daniel won't watch something if he's not interested in it, so it was sort of a round-about way to get the initial message in there and build from that. Welcome to my world. haha! =)

Amazing_Grace said...


I can relate. MONK is the same way. LOL!

Thank you for the link! I'm gonna check it out! Maybe they will have it at the city library. :)