Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Advent Activities for Children from loyolapress.com

Children Advent Calendar- Many people like to use a special calendar to help them mark the days until Christmas. You can use this Web calendar to remind you to do something each day to share the meaning of the season. Hover your mouse over the picture on each day of Advent to find an idea to help you prepare for Jesus' birthday. (Printable version available.)

Advent Bingo- In the Advent Bingo center, participants will be able to recall their liturgical experiences of Advent and deepen their understanding of the Church's celebration of this season. The focus of this center is Advent practices and symbols found in Catholic liturgy.

Advent Banner- Hang this banner in the room so that the children can be reminded of their prayers, letting Jesus know that he is welcome in their hearts.

Advent Bookmark- To remember a verse in Isaiah that helps us celebrate Advent.

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Gardenia said...

I love the banner activity. thanks for these resourses.