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Gospel for the Mass: 9/1/13- Luke 14:1, 7-14

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Luke 14:1, 7-14

Activities Click on the month. Scroll down to the date for Coloring Page, Mass Worksheet, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, etc.

Theresa at will post a link to an activity sheet that coordinates with the Catholic Mass. There will be pictures and activities each week to help little kids understand and appreciate the Mass. Most weeks, she will also highlight a Saint whose feast day falls within that week or a liturgical symbol they can watch for at Mass. Scroll down to Gospel Reflection, Discussion Questions for the Gospel, and Proclaiming Faith Activities Background on the Gospel and activities for groups and families Resources on the Sunday Readings Left Out object lesson with group activities, coloring page, puzzles, worship bulletin All Puffed Up object lesson with coloring page, group activities, puzzles, fill in the blanks, etc. Jesus Invites Everyone to the Table lesson with questions and answers. Don’t Play Favorites activities This activity will have the children going away feeling great about who they are, and it will help them see how the power of our Lord can help them accept others for who they are. Random Acts of Kindness lessons, crafts, activities, etc. Lesson and activities on respecting others Teaching Christian Kindness
Preschool Bible Lesson Ideas and Sunday School Activities Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links and Resources Kindness Counts: Exploring Random Acts of Kindness
A curriculum for “The Book About Tony Chestnut” The Kindness Tree A Kindness Tree Kindness Projects Being Friends for grades K – 5
This page is from the teaching guide for the video "Being Friends" in the video series You Can Choose! Even if you aren't showing this video there is a lot of useful material here, though you may wish to change some of the wordings or omit a few items.

Kindness Coupons- This is a great idea for kids to give coupons to perform an act of kindness. Kids can print out the great coupons that will tell you they are volunteering to pull weeds in the garden, mow the grass, or perhaps do the dishes. Printable Coupons. Blank ones also available. Coupon book that you can make Kindness Cards to print out

Coloring Luke 14:11 Everyone Who Humbles Himself Will Be Exalted and Sit at the Lowest Place (gifs) Kindness coloring page Showing Kindness Towards Others Happy are those people who are fair, who do what is right at all times. (Psalm 106:3)

Crafts Left Out group activities (crafts) All Puffed Up group activities (crafts) Making a Chain of Kindness Cups of Kindness Scroll down to: Plant a Little Kindness Plant Marker Scroll down to: Suggested Craft Projects. Several are listed there. Circle of Kindness Heart Suncatchers Kindness Calendar Quilt

Games Left Out group activities (games) 5 Up: A Game to Build Classroom Community and Enhance Self-Esteem

The Really Big Book of Bible Games:
After You- page 218
All Strung Up- page 219

Life Size Kindness- This game will help the children discover Jesus was kind and instructed us to be kind to others. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry, page 120 & 121).

Serving Up Acceptance- Students will display acceptance of each other through an active praise game. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry, page 127).

What Do You Stand For?: Character Building Card Game by Barbara A. Lewis

Get to The End of the Line (Review Game)

Introduce game- When you are in a line, where is the worse place to be? Let’s find out.

Have a list of review questions from past Bible stories or lessons. Line up all the students against the wall. Ask each student one question. If they answer incorrectly, they sit down at their seat. If they are correct, you say, “Get to the End of the Line” and they move and stand at the end of the line. Ask the next student in the line a question and the game continues. The last student standing is the winner.

Limbo- The student that can go the lowest wins! Scroll down to: Tiddly - Button Golf (moderate)

The Catholic Toolbox- Random Acts of Kindness (file folder game)

Puppets Feeling Left Out


Playing Favorites- Look at these pictures. Which children are humbling themselves? Which children are playing favorites toward others? Color the humble children. Put an X through the selfish children. (Big Puzzles for Little Hands: Jesus’ Life and Lessons by Carla Williams, page 61) Dot-to-dot Word Search Word Search Word Search Decoder Decoder Word Shape Crossword Crossword Crossword

Worksheets &Quizzes Fill in the Blanks Writing prompts Sharing is Super worksheet

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