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Friday, March 13, 2015

Special Needs Ministry

As a special education teacher, I am always looking for new ideas and resources. Here are some that I found online that I thought I would share.

mintools.com- Special Needs & Disability Ministry Resources

oce.archindy.org- Resources and Materials for Inclusive Special Religious Education in all Parishes

dioceseofscranton.org- Religious Education for Students with Special Needs

lifeway.com- Special Needs Ministry
• Bible Studies for Special Needs Ministries
• FREE Special Needs Ministry Resources
• Adaptation Tips - Use these one-page articles to train your leaders and volunteers.

archkick.org- Religious Education for Children with Special Needs

loyolapress.com- Special Needs Adaptive Resources

childrenministry.com- Special Needs Ministry (articles)

fulleryouthinstitute.org- Refusing to Ignore Teenagers with Special Needs
Five Ideas for Inclusion

The Catholic Toolbox- Decorating & Organizing Your Classroom: Considerations For Children With Sensory Processing Disorders

The Catholic Toolbox- Inclusion of Special Needs Students in Your Classroom

The Catholic Toolbox- Special Needs Students: Information to Gather From Parents

The Catholic Toolbox- Staff Training for Special Needs Students

The Catholic Toolbox- Social Stories for Church

momsofspecialneedschildren1.blogspot.com- Visual Schedules
Children with ASD need predictability and therefore do not like change. Having a chart or visual schedule displayed of what they are going to do and activities in advance can provide security and keep inappropriate behavior down to a minimum. This technique can also be used to prepare for any change in the normal routine. Letting children that have ASD know of any schedule changes prior to the activity can prevent anxiety and reduce the likelihood of tantrums, rage, and meltdowns.

Special Needs Religious Products

loyolapress.com- Everyone has a right to catechesis, which is why Loyola Press has developed these kits for individuals with autism and other special needs.

memoriapress.com- Special Needs Curriculum

comcenter.com- Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Program
Religious Education for Children and Adults with Special Needs

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