Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Organize Your Materials

Knowing where your activities are and keeping them organized is critical for a CCD teacher. Having all of the materials you need for each particular lesson in a well organize and an accessible place makes it easier for you to find it quickly so you can use it with your students within a moments notice. This will also cut down stressful times for you while you look for a certain activity and allow you to plan your lesson the way you want it to be.

Here are some examples on how to keep your materials organized:

1. Keep it in a binder with dividers for each subject.

2. Have a small portable file box container with a handle so you can carry it easily and have everything in individual files.

3. Have color coded dividers/files for the binder or file box for keeping materials organized. A color coded dot can be placed on a unit of your teacher’s curriculum book that match the corresponding dividers/files. That way, the chapters that cover that unit will be together and in order.

4. Have your activities grouped accordingly for each subject with what you need to teach the lesson. For example:

Lesson Plans
Coloring Sheets
Bulletin Boards
DVDs, Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Flannel Boards, Transparencies, etc.
Journal Writing
Take Home Sheet/Homework

5. Have all materials and lesson plans backed up on a CD so you can make extra copies whenever and wherever you want or need them.

How do you organize your materials?


Rebecca said...

oh my gosh, are you my twin? LOL!!! For my homeschool planning I have a binder and file box going for organizing all my materials.

Amazing_Grace said...

I have a binder for my puzzles and worksheets. For my crafts (patterns) I have a file box. Then for the crafts (samples and materials to make them) I have a foot locker. LOL! :)