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A to Z Bible Story Lesson- Letter N

N- Noah’s Ark

Objectives: The children will be able to
- retell the story of Noah’s Ark
- describe ways that we can obey God like Noah
- explain that God always keeps his promises
- explain the meaning of the rainbow

Prayer and questions from last week’s lesson

Vocabulary Words:

Pick the words that you want to use from below: Noah Word Wall Words
Word wall templates are large flash card printables that you can hang on the wall to aid children when they are learning or using new vocabulary words.


Circle Time:

Read story: “Noah’s Ark” from your own story book. Or while you are reading the story do cut outs (Snip-And-Tell Bible Stories by Karyn Henley, page 15 - 17) as the story unfolds.

Then ask questions from below.

1. Who built the ark? Noah

2. What kind of animals came on the ark? There were two of every kind of animal and bird in the world.

3. How long did it rain when they were in the ark? For 40 days and nights.

4. What did the dove bring back for Noah to know that there was dry land? A twig.

5. What was the sign that God did that promised that He would never flood the whole Earth again? A rainbow.

Songs and/or Finger Plays:

Introduce songs and/or finger plays: Who built the ark?

Wee Sing Bible Songs- Who Built the Ark? Noah's Ark Circle Game/Song Noah’s Ark Crafts and Activities (scroll down to songs and poems about Noah) Mr. Noah Built an Ark and Noah Sailed (songs)
Scroll down to these.
Pray & Play Bible for Young Children by Group Publishing- Did You Ever Hear?, All Aboard, Only God Can Make A Rainbow (songs), page 27. Father Noah Song Noah’s Ark (song) Noah's Ark Finger Play


Introduce activities: What kind of animals came on the ark? There were two of every kind of animal and bird in the world. Noah and the Ark Lesson Noah’s Ark Activities (lapbook, memory verse, handwriting, etc.) Noah’s Ark Preschool Printables The Story of Noah’s Ark lesson with memory verse, teacher's guide, puzzles, take home sheet, coloring pages, crafts and activities, etc. Noah & The Flood- lesson plan with activities


Introduce craft: Who built the ark? Noah. What did it look like? What was it like on the ark? Let’s find out! Noah’s Ark Craft by Lacy Simple Animal Cracker Ark Rainbow and Noah's Ark Craft Noah’s Ark

Noah Story Wheel- Children turn their story wheel dials to retell the Bible story they learned over and over again. (Preschool Christian Crafts by Linda Standke. Directions on page 37 - 39, craft template on page 40 & 43.)

Noah’s Ark Bible Story Wheel
(Bible Wheels to Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo, page 7 & 8. Click on Excerpt and go to page 7 & 8.) Noah’s Ark Lapbook
This page is full of resources you can use to make your Noah's Ark Lapbook.

Introduce craft: How many days did it rain?

christianpreschoolprintables- Noah’s Ark Rainbow Cloud Craft
This is a craft to make a rainbow streamer coming from the cloud. Children can use colored strips of construction paper as well. (Scroll down to this.) Rainstick Rainstick


Introduce game: What was on the ark with Noah and his family? Can you find what animal is missing from the ark?

What animal is it?

Need: Cards with animal pictures on them.

Directions: A student draws a card and then makes the animal sound it makes. The other students guess what the animal is.

*Play a tape of animal sounds and have the students guess what animal it is. Noah’s Ark Memory Game Noah's Ark Game
Children take turns rolling the dice, trying to get pairs of animals. When they get a pair, they put a token matching that animal onto their ark.

Don't Miss the Ark Game- A simple and fun board game for younger students that reviews the story of Noah and the Ark. (Super Bible Game Book by Linda Standke, page 66 - 70 for directions, game board markers, game cards, and game board).

Noah and the Flood Game- A fun and simple board game for younger children that reviews the story of Noah and the Ark. (Super Bible Game Book by Linda Standke, page 62 & 63 for game board and page 55 for directions). Building the Ark Board Game The children will follow the path into the ark to the identical on the game board. Be careful to not be caught in the rain! Scroll down to these games:

Noah’s Ark Matching Cards- A free printable set of Noah's Ark Memory Matching Game Cards that can be used for Go Fish, Old Maid (Old Noah) or concentration type games.

Noah’s Ark Bingo Game- This is a free printable Noah's Ark Bingo game. With six different game boards this set is print ready and the perfect addition to your Noah's Ark Bible lessons.

Noah’s Numbers File Folder Game- This is an early counting and number recognition game. Children count the windows on Noah's Ark and then find the matching numbers on the rainbow cards.

Noah’s Animals File Folder Game- This is a Noah's Ark file folder game where children match up the different animals to help Noah load the ark. There are male and female animals of each making it a great game for children to learn about the bible story.

Noah’s Counting File Folder Game- This is a Noah's Ark file folder game where children can work on counting by Two's. This game helps children skip count by two's all the way up to 36. Younger children can use this as a matching game, or keep the pieces loose for older children to practice their multiplication skills.


Introduce snack: What was the sign that God did that promised that He would never flood the whole Earth again? A rainbow. Rainbow in a Cup

What did Noah build? An ark. Edible Ark

Letter N Snacks-

Nachos, Nectarines, Noodles, Nuts, etc.


Prayers while students are doing worksheets and/or coloring. Noah’s Ark Bible Verse Coloring Page (scroll down for this)

Sign of Covenant (color picture by using numbers)- Bible Story Puzzles: PK – K, by Linda Standke, page 8.

Sign of Covenant (color picture by using numbers)- Bible Story Puzzle ‘n’ Learn!, page 16. The Story of Noah's Ark (mini book)

Noah and the Ark (mini book)- Bible Stories from A to Z, page 76. “Noah Builds A Boat” and “Noah and the Amazing Ark” by Jill Kemp booklet or one page Bible story you can color (scroll down for this) What begins with N? (mini book)

N is for Noah (handwriting sheet)- Bible Stories from A to Z, page 77. Noah's Ark Themed Tracer Pages
Free printable templates that children can color in while learning to print and spell simple words. Noah (handwriting) Hidden Letter Worksheet Letter N Noah’s Ark maze The Rainbow of Promise (dot-to-dot)

Noah’s Ark (dot-to-dot)- Dot-to-Dot Bible Pictures: PK-K by Linda Standke, page 5

The Great Bible Big Fun Activity Book: From the Old and New Testaments by Toni Lind
Follow the Dots to find Noah’s special helper. Draw a branch in it’s mouth. (dove)

More 365 Activities for Kids (do any of the Noah puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, spot the difference, etc. from January 13 - 23).

Safe Inside the Ark (find the hidden picture)- Hidden Pictures Explore Hidden Treasures in God's Word: PK - K by Linda Standke, page 3

Animals On The Ark (glue animal pieces together) page 6, Safe In The Ark (trace along the dash lines) page 7

Bible Story Puzzles with Mini-Lessons on the Goodness of God Grades PK-K by Linda Standke

A Food Covers the Earth (maze) page 11, Safe in the Ark (trace along the dash lines) page 12, Noah’s Ark (dot-to-dot) page 13, Animals on the Ark (glue animal pieces together) page 14, Safe Inside the Ark (find the hidden picture) page 15, Sign of a Covenant (color by number) page 16, A Beautiful Sign (find the hidden picture) page 17, God’s Promise (trace and color) page 18- Bible Story Puzzle ‘n’ Learn! PK – K

Noah’s Ark Story Cards (Cut out the word cards at the bottom of the page. Paste them in order on the ark. Color the picture.)- Bible Stories from A to Z, page 78.

The activities below are free, however they can only to be used for classroom and personal use. They may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. Reproduction or retransmission of any materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, is not permitted. All graphics/images/clipart etc. used on these activities are not my own and are from various internet sources.

Noah and the Ark Count the Objects Worksheet- Count the objects. Circle the correct answer.

Noah Find the Difference Puzzle- Look at the pictures in each row. Circle the picture that is different.


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