Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Can Teens Do For Gospel For The Mass Activities?

Here are a few suggestions for the older students.

1. Crossword puzzles at or (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John crossword puzzles).

2. Have each student write down some questions with answers about today’s gospel or anything that happened during Mass. Then break the students into teams and have each student from one team ask the other questions. The team with the most points wins. Maybe a prize for the team with the most points?

3. Journals
- Have each student write down what the gospel was about.
- Introduce a topic to get the students thinking about controversial or interesting ideas related to today’s gospel.
- Ask the students what words in the gospel captured their attention and why. Direct them to put themselves into the time of the reading, telling you everything they are experiencing. Next, ask them to imagine he/she is one of the people in the reading. What does he/she think and feel?

4. Break the students into groups and have them make a game for other students to play about the story/topic.

5. Break the students into groups and have them make a worksheet or puzzle to demonstrate their understanding of today's gospel. They can exchange what they did with the other group and do the activity.

6. Have the students make a time-line of what happened in the story using pictures or words. They can even make a comic strip.

7. Have the students come up with a skit about the story or topic. They can also use puppets and make them. They could even perform this for another class.

8. Have each student use a Venn diagram to compare characters/topics. The catechist can even do this on the board with the class.

9. Have the students come up with a craft or activity about the story/topic.

10. Make a worksheet, puzzle, quiz, etc. for the students to do. Worksheet, Puzzle, Quiz, Makers that are FREE and online.

Does anyone have other ideas that they can share?

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