Saturday, August 28, 2021

Gospel for the Mass: 10/17/21- Mark 10:35-45 or 10:42-45

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Mark 10:35-45 or 10:42-45

Activities Scroll down to the date for Coloring Page, Mass Worksheet, Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, etc. Download a FREE bulletin to help your kids learn more about our Catholic Mass. Each week's bulletin contains coloring pages for a saint and activities based on the Gospel. The coloring pages may also include a maze, dot-to-dot, find the picture, and many other activities. Background on the Gospel and activities for groups and families Resources on the Sunday Readings To Be Like Jesus object lesson with group activities, coloring page, puzzles, worship bulletin Winning the Prize object lesson with group activities, coloring page, puzzles, quiz, worship bulletin Who Will Sit at Jesus’ Right and Left Hand? lesson Serving Others (scroll down to Gospel) “He Came to Serve” Sunday School Lesson from Mark 10:35-45 Mark 10:35-45 lesson with activities

The Catholic Toolbox- What Can Teens Do For Gospel For The Mass Activities? Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links and Resources

Coloring Mark 10:38 (scroll down to black and white version and click on it to print) Mark 10:43 Mark 10:35-45 (page 63) Mark 10:45 Mark 10:44-45 (scroll down for this)

Crafts To Be Like Jesus group activities (crafts) Winning the Prize group activities (crafts) I choose to serve others craft Wheel of Service
Children make a Service Wheel. Every week each person in the family gets a turn spinning the wheel to determine which act of service they will work on during the week. All of the options are laminated and put down with velcro so you can change them to new ideas when these ones get old. Spinner Craft What is greatness? (craft)

Games To Be Like Jesus group activities (games) Winning the Prize group activities (games) Simple Printable Service Projects for Kids
I love the idea of teaching children to perform acts of service, without any rewards attached to them. If they are treating it like a race based off of one of their favorite shows, it makes it even more enjoyable! I wanted to make each service activity something that could be done by a variety of ages and made it a printable list so you can easily print it and get serving! These could all be done in one day, or you can do one thing each day so that we can focus on doing one little act of service each day. 11 Service Projects Kids Can Do
For even more service oriented ideas read 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids–there’s a free printable in the post you can hang in your home! Helping Hands Fly Swatter Slapping Game with printables (scroll down for this fun game using a fly swatter) Service Cranium (scroll down to this game idea and printable) The More You Give, the More You Get Candy Race GAME: Guess Who? (scroll down to this game and printable) Empathy Game: A Tool to Teach Kids to Be Considerate {Free Printable} The Choose Kindness Game The Wheel of Kindness Game

Random Acts of Kindness- Children identify Random Acts of Kindness as they move around the board.

Play musical chairs and at the end reward the child who was out first! (Wait until the end of the game until you tell the children that that this is the way you will be playing!) Discuss how being the winner or first to gain something is not always the best way.

Jesus is Our Savior (file folder game)- Jesus is our rescuer and offers us a lifeline when we’re trapped in sin. How can we solve the problems in our life? Jesus is our savior and if we follow him, he will show us the way.

The Catholic Toolbox-
WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?)- Making the right decisions in life is hard to do, but if you let Jesus be your guide and think, “What Would Jesus Do?” it will make it a lot easier.

Moral Dilemmas Card Game- Why do problems come into our life? People face problems every day. Some are harder than others. There are many choices that the person can have to solve his/her problem, but which one is the best? What would Jesus want us to do?

Puzzles/Worksheets To Be Like Jesus (Word Search) Winning the Prize (Word Search) Word Search Word Search Scroll down to Oct 16 – 22, then look under Mark 10:42-45 To Be Like Jesus (Decoder) Winning the Prize (Decoder) To Be Like Jesus (Crossword) Winning the Prize (Crossword) Crossword Crossword Winning the Prize (Fill in the Blanks) Mark 10:35-45 Worksheet Mark 10:35-45 Kid’s Bulletin (scroll down for this) Bible Discussion Group Study Questions Mark 10:35-45 (questions that can easily be made into a worksheet) Christ Encounter #3: Kingdom Greatness (Mark 10:35-45) questions that can easily be made into a worksheet) The “I Want to Be Great” (or at least avoid being a loser) Bible Study (questions that can easily be made into a worksheet) Sermon Discussion Questions: What Christ Came (questions that can easily be made into a worksheet) II. Verses 32-45 Discussion Questions (scroll down to these questions that can easily be made into a worksheet)

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