Thursday, February 25, 2010

Passover Seder Crafts Passover Craft: Seder Placemat Passover Seder Supper Handmade Kids Placemats Craft Spring Seder Plate Passover Seder Plate Make-and-Learn Crafts: Passover Seder Plate Passover Plate: Add a creative touch to the Seder meal with special plates kids can decorate. Passover Seder Plate: Bring the symbolism and traditions of Passover to life with this decorative Model Magic® Seder plate. Handmade ceremonial crafts teach children about their own or other families' celebrations. Homemade Passover Seder Plates
Here’s a Passover craft that is sure to get your kids excited about the holiday– painting their very own Seder plate! Passover Seder Place Cards: Make one for each person at the table. Paper Seder Plate: In this art activity, students learn about Passover by making their own Seder plate Printable Seder Plate (plate and food printables) Kiddush Cups Passover Greeting Card
Kids can have fun while they are learning when doing this Passover greeting card craft which entails writing Pesach, aka- Passover, in Hebrew on the front of this card alongside a Star of David. Afikomen Bags
Traditionally, after the seder meal is eaten, the family patriarch hides a piece of matzoh, known as the afikomen, as a symbolic dessert. The child who finds it receives a small prize. In this variation, each child makes his or her own bag, which is filled with a piece of matzoh. The bags are hidden, and each child must find his or her own bag to get a prize. Bedikat Chametz
According to Hebrew faith, the night before Passover families are obligated to search their homes for chametz. Chametz, meaning leaven or yeast, or food mixed with leaven, are prohibited during the Passover. In order to search for the chametz you will need a candle to see where light won't reach, a feather for sweeping crumbs, a paper bag for gathering the chametz, and lastly a wooden spoon for Kabalistic reasons.

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