Friday, August 15, 2014

Bible Story Mini Books

Bible Story Mini Books are a great way to review a Bible story or concept with young students. There are even some online for free to print out for the students to take home. I give one to each of my first grade students every week so they can read them to their parents for homework. are by far the best mini books online for free. They have color or black and white (students can color these) versions of several types of mini books in Word or Publisher format. Check this site often because they add new mini books all the time.

Old Testament

New Testament


Easter Bible Mini Books (6 posted that are color or black & white)

• Adam & Eve (2 versions)
• Creation
• Life of Jesus
• Lord’s Prayer (Catholic version posted)
• Men of the Bible
• Noah and His Ark Bible Story Mini Books (5 pages of mini books that are color or black & white)

• Old Testament
• New Testament
• Creation
• Adam & Eve (short A phonics book)
• God Made Me
• Adam & Eve
• Tower of Babel
• Noah’s Ark
• Psalms 23
• David & Goliath
• Jesus Feeds 5,000
• Salvation Colors
• Mother’s Day
• Father’s Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Pumpkin Prayer
• Happy Birthday Jesus
• Symbols of Christmas
• Candy Cane
• Fruit of the Spirit (Protestant version)
• Jesus Loves Me

biblestoryprintables- (sister group of 4 Bible Story Mini Books that are in color or black & white

• Creation
• The Resurrection (The Story of Easter)
• Adam & Eve
• The Parable of the Sower Bible Story Mini Books (20 posted that are black & white)

• 10 Commandments (Protestant version)
• Abraham
• Armor of God
• Baby in a Manger
• Creation
• David & Goliath
• Elijah Prays for Rain
• Good Samaritan
• Jesus Feeds the Multitude
• Jesus Heals
• Jesus is Baptized
• Jesus is Risen
• Jonah and the Whale
• Joseph Gets a Coat
• Daniel in the Lion’s Den
• Lord is My Shepherd
• Moses in a Basket
• Moses Parts the Red Sea
• Noah’s Ark
• Prodigal Son


Alicia said...

oh.... my.... goodness.... that's A LOT of books! Thanks so much! I am planning to peruse these links and start a list for my boys to work on this summer!

Amazing_Grace said...

These mini books are also well done and FREE! You wouldn't believe how much paper I've used printing them out. LOL! I hope your boys enjoy the mini books! :)