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Lesson Plan- (Pre K - K): Abraham

Abraham (you can break this lesson into several to cover all of Abraham)

Objectives: The children will
- retell the story of Abraham
- identify who always keeps his promises
- state that being obedient makes them happy
- identify Lot as Abraham’s nephew and traveling companion on some of his journeys
- list different things they value and can share with others
- identify Isaac as the son God promised to give Abraham and Sarah.
- list things they must wait for God to “give” them.

Prayer and questions from last week’s lesson

Vocabulary Words:

Abraham Word Wall- Word wall templates are large flash card printables that you can hang on the wall to aid children when they are learning or using new vocabulary words.


Circle Time:

Bring a little tent or drape cloth over the table and let the children sit inside.

Read story: “Abraham” from your own story book. Then ask questions from below.

Who was Abraham’s wife? (Sarah)

When we learned about them, were they young? (No)

Did God keep his promise to Abraham and Sarah? (Yes)

Did they trust God? (Yes)

How do you think God felt about them when they obeyed? (Happy)

Do you think Abraham was happy when he obeyed? (Yes)

How can we be like Abraham and listen to God? (Obey our parents and teachers.)

Ask the following questions for discussion:

• How did God feel toward Abraham when he let Lot have the better land?

• How do you think Abraham felt when God told him he was going to take care of him?

• How do you think God feels when we share with others, or let others choose first?

• Name something you would share with others.

Who was Lot’s uncle? (Abraham)

Who is one person you can share your toys with this week? (Your brother, your friend, etc.)

When Abraham went on a journey, did Lot go with him? (Yes)

Tell me one thing we can do that makes God happy? (Share, obey, pray, etc.)

What do you have that you can share this week? (Toys, what you learned in CCD, etc.)

When you play a game, should you go first or let your friend go first? (Your friend)

What can you do this week to make your friend or parent or teacher happy? (Obey the first time, share, etc.)

Tell me one thing that we might do that would make God sad? (Disobey, not share, etc.)

What is the name of the book God gave to us? (The Bible)

Can you tell me one person in the Bible who made God happy? (Noah, Abraham)

Who was Abraham’s nephew? (Lot)

Why did Abraham move? (God told him to move, so Abraham obeyed God.)

Who can tell me what it was that Abraham and Sarah wanted very much? (A child.)

What did God promise Abraham? (To give him a son.)

Did Abraham have a son right away? (No)

Who had as many descendants as there were stars in the sky? (Abraham)

Use the following questions to have a follow-up discussion:

• Do you like to wait for things?

• What is something we want right away, but cannot have?

• How can we be like Abraham?

• Name something you had to wait a long time to have.

• Why is it hard to wait for things?

• Is it worth waiting a long time for something you really want?

• How does God feel when we are patient?

Songs and/or Finger Plays:

Introduce songs and/or finger plays: Who had as many descendants as there were stars in the sky? Father Abraham Had Many Sons (song) God’s Promise to Abram (song)


Introduce activity: Who made God happy in today’s lesson? The Story of Abraham and Sarah lesson with memory verse, teacher's guide, puzzles, take home sheet, coloring pages, crafts, etc. The Story of Abram and Lot lesson with memory verse, teacher's guide, puzzles, take home sheet, coloring pages, crafts, etc. God Made Families lesson about the birth of Isaac Journey to Faith object lesson (1 year plan) Several lessons posted here. Click on title and scroll down to Preschool Lesson.

-Abraham & Lot
-Abraham and the King
-Isaac is Born
-Abraham is Tested (2 year plan) Several lessons posted here. Click on title and scroll down to Preschool Lesson.

-Abraham Follows God
-Three Visitors
-Abraham and the King
-Ishmael and Hagar
-Abraham is Tested Abraham and Isaac preschool lesson with activities


Introduce movie: Who always keeps his promises? (God)

Movie- Veggie Tales: Abe and the Amazing Promise and ask questions:

What promise did God make to Abraham?

Why would having a baby be unusual for Abraham and Sarah?

Did God give Abraham what he promised right away?

What are some times when you had to be patient?

What can we do if we should be patient, but it is hard to do?


Introduce craft: What did Abraham and his family live in? (Tents) A Tent for Abraham and Sarah
Easy to make printable craft of a tent that is black and white or in color. Printables of people are also posted. (Scroll down to bottom for printables.)

Introduce crafts: What kinds of animals did Abraham have? (Camels, sheep, and cows.) Camel Craft Cool Cork Camel Easy Folding Camel Lamb Note Holder
(You can simplify this craft by using cotton balls.) Hand Print Lamb Craft (using cotton balls) Hand Print Lamb Craft
Make lots of extra popcorn for a snack. :) Scripture Sheep
This cute sheep craft can be adapted in a number of different ways to be used as a simple Bible craft or as a memory verse game. Paper Lunch Bag Cow Puppet
Scroll down for this. Patterns provided. Paper Bag Cow Bag
You can make a brown cow like the one in the picture or use different colors for an dairy, white, tan or black cow.

Introduce craft: Who is known as “The Father of all Nations”? memory verse activity Abraham and His Descendants Abraham’s Promise Family Picture Frame (scroll down to this) God’s Promise to Abraham and Isaac (Star Mobile) God Made Families (family portrait craft)

God’s Promise to Abraham Bible Story Wheel (Bible Wheels to Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo, page 9 & 10.)

Baby Isaac Bible Story Wheel (Bible Wheels to Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo, page 11 & 12.)

Introduce craft: Abraham had a very large family. Let’s make a family tree of our own family and see how big it is. Family Tree Preschool Craft
Help your preschooler remember all of the people who are important in their life with this family tree preschool craft. It’s much less structured than traditional family trees and can be made into a treasured keepsake gift for parents, grandparents, or other family members. Paper Family Tree
Make a simple but pretty family tree and learn about your family's heritage Multicultural Family Tree Activity
This is a cut and paste activity where children can pick their family members and glue them in the appropriate place. (Scroll down to this.) Family Collage Craft
Make a collage of your family by cutting out pictures or draw your own pictures. Families Crafts (several posted here)


Introduce game: God told Abraham things to do and he obeyed him. Abraham was good at following directions. Do you think you are good at following directions? Let’s find out. Will You Do It Game Hot Potato Surprise Bible Sequence: Abraham Stars
These are size and number sequence. These work well when discussing God's promise to Abraham to give him as many children as there are stars in the sky. After children order them, talk about how God always keeps his promises!

God Says

Need: Nothing

Directions: Played just like Simon Says. God says, “Hop on one foot.” Etc.

Following Directions

Need: Bop It, Ballzerko, Simon, etc.

Directions: Divide the class into groups. Have one group play one game and the other plays another, etc. Students must do what the toy tells them to do. Change games after all students get a chance to play.

Introduce activities: God's promise to Abraham to give him as many children as there are ____ in the sky. (stars) Color Word Dominoes (several different kinds to print out) Shape Flash Cards Play Memory, Go Fish, etc. with these cards. Print out: Shapes Flash Card Set 1 (circle, oval, square, triangle) & 2 (rectangle, heart, star, diamond). How Many Colorful Stars?
A book for early readers for the children to make.

Introduce game: What does a shepherd do? What happens if one lamb is missing?

What Lamb Is Missing?

Need: Nothing

Directions: Students sit in a group on the floor. One student is “It” and must turn around and hide their eyes. Another student is picked by the teacher and they go outside of the room. “It” then must guess what lamb is missing. Whoever was the lost lamb is now “It”.

Herding Sheep Game

Need: Balloons and a staff

Pick one student and have them stand beside you in front of the class. Place an empty box on its side at the opposite end of the room.

Say: Let's practice being shepherds. First we need some sheep. Let's pretend these are sheep. (Put 1 balloon on the floor in front of the student). Here is your shepherd's staff (hand student a staff). Take your staff and herd your sheep into the pen (the empty box turned on its side). Hold your staff pointing down so no one gets poked, and be careful you don't hurt your sheep. Guide it gently – don’t push it from behind, but stand in front of it and coax it along. (Encourage student as they guide their sheep.)

Say: This is not a race, we just want each person to have a turn. When you get your sheep in the pen, pick it up and walk back to me and give me the staff and the sheep.

When each student has had a turn, ask the following questions:

Was it easy to make your sheep go where you wanted them to go?

Do you think it's easy for shepherds to get sheep to go where the shepherds want them to go? Why or why not?

It's hard to make balloons go where we want them to go, and it's even harder to take care of sheep because they sometimes run away or get lost.


Introduce snack: How old were Abraham and Sarah?

100 Birthday- Snack with a lesson

Introduce snack: God's promise to Abraham to give him as many children as there are ____ in the sky. (stars)

Gingerbread Stars

Crispy Cheese Stars

Peanut Butter and Jelly Stars

(You can also get a large star shaped cookie cutter and make star shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.)

Spread peanut butter on star shaped crackers.


Prayers while students are doing worksheets and/or coloring. Abram/Abraham (coloring pages) Faith (coloring) Isaac (coloring)
Scroll down to this. Abraham (coloring pages) Abraham and Isaac (coloring) lots of coloring pages in several Abraham lessons that are posted Abraham and Issac (mini book)“Abraham and Isaac” by Jill Kemp (booklet for the children to color)


Booklet I is for Isaac (handwriting)
Scroll down for this. S is for Star (handwriting) Star (handwriting) Trace the Star (worksheet) Count the Stars (worksheet)
Make your own worksheet and have your students count the stars. Abraham and Sarah (maze)

Abraham and Sarah Move To A New Land (maze)- Amazing Bible Mazes by Anita Reith Stohs, page 6. (Click on Sample and go to page 6.) Star (dot-to-dot)
You could use this with Abraham curriculum as well, just take the top verse off. Shapes: Count and Color (Math)
Students count and color the stars and write the correct numeral in the blank provided and color in the stars. (Scroll down to this.) Count the Stars (worksheets)
Count the stars and write the number on the line. Addition: Count the Stars (worksheet)
Count the stars in each group. Write the number in the box. Write the sum in the last box.

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