Friday, May 7, 2010

Liturgical Objects Used in Mass Handwriting

To help your students to remember the names and how to spell the liturgical objects used in Mass, make some manuscript handwriting sheets. To make your class a more personal handwriting sheet of the objects used in Mass. You can have your students write the words you want them to learn. (I recommend doing 5 words on each handwriting page. Font Size- 24, Orientation- landscape, Page Size- A4, Frame- None)

Have your students cut out pictures and glue next to the word on the handwriting sheets that you made above.

Pictures of objects for Handwriting 1- chalice, ciborium, altar, stoup, Body of Christ, Blood of Christ, lectern, ambo, bells

Pictures of objects for Handwriting 2- tabernacle, processional cross, cruets, presider’s/celebrant’s chair, sanctuary lamp, Book of the Gospels, Lectionary, Sacramentary, missalette, hymnal

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