Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decorating Your Classroom

All too frequently CCD classrooms are not decorated which does not make the students feel welcome or promote their curiosity and challenge their creativity. Having a decorated classroom will encourage students to come to CCD and students love seeing their own crafts and activities displayed in the classroom for everyone to see.

What can a catechist do? First, don’t panic. Here are some ideas that might be of some help:

• Display posters, pictures, etc. on the walls and/or bulletin board. Remember to keep in mind the age level of your students. Put up posters, pictures, etc. of things that can reinforce your lesson. Decorate your classroom door, have a word wall, decorate student desks with personal name tags, etc. You can also display the following in the classroom: classroom behavior plan, classroom jobs, attendance chart, prayer chart, assignment sheet, etc. If you share your classroom and cannot hang things up, use something portable that you can remove easily (example: mount decorations on a sheet or fabric so you can take it with you when class is over). Make sure that you do not put up too many colorful items. Classrooms that are over decorated can distract and stimulate students and it can sometimes lead to behavior problems.

• Stop and look at what there is in the CCD supply closet and what you have that can be used from home. Example: My son collected LARGE Star Wars & Star Trek models of various space ships. I plan on using fishing line and hanging them from the ceiling with glow in the dark stars that I already had.

• Decorate by theme, subject or upcoming holiday. Example: Sacraments, Beatitudes, Building Christian Character, Bible Story, Fruit of the Spirit, Ten Commandments, etc.

Religious Classroom Bulletin Boards

• If you don’t have it, make it. Example: To go with the space theme stuff on the ceiling I made on the computer a large classroom sign (3 pages long) to put on the wall.

To put underneath the sign I made stars on the computer (you can buy a bag of 24 colorful bulletin board stars from Target for $1). I will cut the stars out and put the student’s names on them.

Links: Recruit the best decorating corps you have for this year's classroom makeover-your students! Not only does involving kids save money and effort on your part, teachers agree that it increases kids' sense of involvement and respect. Try these 10 teacher-tested ideas for a classroom that shines with color and learning. Teacher Tested Tips 20 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Classroom How To Decorate A Sunday School Classroom

How are you doing to decorate your classroom? Please leave a comment to help others find ideas.


Gardenia said...

great ideas. I have a new bulletin board in our learning room at home, and I've gotten cool ideas from the links you provided. thanks.

Amazing_Grace said...

Please post what you do. I would love to see it! :)