Monday, August 2, 2010

How do you organize your CCD activities?

To be a good CCD teacher you must be organized. Knowing where your activities are is crucial for a catechist so you can find what you want when you need it. Searching for certain items can be stressful and since most catechists are volunteers time is something they do not want to waste.

How I organize my activities:

Lesson Plans- large 3 inch binder with dividers for each lesson.

Craft Patterns and File Folder Games- Portable file box with a handle and everything is in individual labeled file folders. I can carry this around to where I want in the house so I can do my lesson plans.

Activities/Puzzles/Worksheets etc.- 2 separate 3 inch binders labeled OT & NT. I use Avery Plastic 2 Pocket Insertable Tab Dividers #11907 and organize the activities by Bible story or subject. You can print your inserts on the computer by using the Avery perforated tab insert sheet that is provided in the packet to make it nice and neat. I also have a 2 inch binder labeled Celebrating the Mass Lesson Plans and use Avery 2 Pocket Tab Dividers for it as well. I label the pockets by the lessons and in the 2 pocket dividers I store lesson plans and activities.

Substitute Teacher Packet- 2 inch binder with Avery #11907 Tab Dividers.

Craft Supplies & Games- craft/games storage closet

* All materials, lesson plans, crafts, activities, etc. are on my computer and backed up on a CD so I can make extra copies whenever and wherever I want or need them.

How to you organize your CCD activities? Please leave a comment and add to the list.

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