Monday, March 7, 2016

Easter Triduum Triduum The Triduum Teaching About the Triduum Triduum/Easter Resources Holy Week and Triduum

Activities: We Celebrate the Easter Triduum (newsletter with activities) Triduum & Easter
There are a number of ways you can keep Easter alive in your home. Here are just a few suggestions. Triduum: Family Celebration Simple Activities for Kids to Bring the Triduum Home

Coloring/Crafts: Easter Triduum Craft ~ Spinning Paper Plate

Make an Easter Triptych Card representing Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. You can draw pictures, symbols, etc. and write their meanings that are part of the three days' liturgies. Triptych Card #1 (blank template to make your own) Triptych Card #2 (blank) Triptych Card #3 (blank) Triptych Card #1 (blank) Triptych Card #2 (blank)

Puzzles & Worksheets: Four times during the school year, Pflaum Gospel Weeklies provides three ready-to-print activities for each level; Seeds (Preschool), Promise (Grades K-1), Good News (Grades 2-3), Venture (Grades 4-6) and Visions (Grades 7-8). Plus each season special features for the entire family. Kindergarten worksheet (coloring) 1st grade worksheet
Draw a line to match. 2 nd grade worksheet
Draw pictures to show how we celebrate the three days. What is the Triduum? (Grades 2 – 3) 2014 3rd grade worksheet
In the frames below, draw pictures and write captions about the celebration of the Three Days in your parish. 4th grade puzzle
Use the code to complete the sentences below. Then unscramble the letters in the circles to answer in the question at the bottom of the page. Triduum Events: What Happens When (Grades 4 – 6) 2015
You are in charge of the announcement board at your parish. Your task is to announce the Triduum events and the date and time for each one. You will find the names of the celebrations in the box below, the dates on a Catholic calendar, and the times in your parish bulletin. Begin by printing the name of your parish at the top of the board. Then fill in the rest of the blanks. 5th grade worksheet
Write a summary of the celebration for each of the three days of the Easter Triduum. 6th grade worksheet
Use the chart to explain how the Church celebrates the Easter Triduum. Include the symbols and their meanings that are part of the three days' liturgies. Easter Triduum
Complete the sentences. Then in order, used the circles letters to complete the last sentence. Triduum (word search)

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