Monday, September 26, 2011

My Classroom Monthly Newsletter

Yesterday I sent out via email my classroom’s newsletter for September. Many of you have asked what mine looks like and what it consists of. Well, I made up a simple newsletter since I teach first graders and I try to incorporate all my students names on it in a positive way.

Here is a DRAFT of my classroom’s newsletter for October-

What does your classroom newsletter look like? What does it consist of?


Alicia@through-my-is said...

I LOVE your newsletter! I think I may be lifting many of your ideas! I knew I wanted to create one but wasn't sure how to go about starting one. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amazing Grace said...

Alicia- I bet you can come up with something better!

Include in it what you have covered in class in the previous few weeks, what’s coming up, and your contact information. You can also post student’s birthdays, important reminders, list of things that are needed for class projects, perfect attendance, volunteer information, missing assignments, Student of the Week/Month, homework assignments, individual student behavior, samples of student's work, classroom pictures, etc., whatever you feel that needs to be in your newsletter. You can even include a place at the bottom of the newsletter for the parents to sign saying they read the newsletter - they tear that off and return it to the teacher.

Please post your classroom newsletter on your blog. We would love to see it! :)

The Fischer Family said...

I don't have one but I love yours! I really should do one since I teach 8th grade and there is always a lot of Confirmation information that needs to be passed on! Thanks for the inspiration!

Amazing Grace said...

The Fischer Family- I hope you do one and post it on your blog. I am constantly tweaking mine and would love some new ideas. :)

I bet your students would love to help with the newsletter! They could write articles, take pictures, interview people, etc.


I am going to have to try this I like the layout!

Amazing_Grace said...

Yvette Lopez- We would love to see your newsletter. Please post it on your blog! :)