Thursday, August 18, 2016

Assignment Sheets and Grade Sheets

Parents and students like having assignments written down so they can keep track of them and a good way of doing it is having a Classroom Assignment Sheet. This can be posted in the classroom, on the door, or even emailed to the parents and students. Keeping accurate records of student assignments is necessary for good parent/teacher communication. It also helps students be more organized and be able to turn assignments on time and lets parents know whether their child is turning in their homework. You can also give a blank sheet to each student so they can write down when assignments are due to become more independent with their CCD homework assignments. An organized student stays current on assignments and will achieve success in CCD. Assignment Sheets help students develop sound organization skills that will teach them a successful lifelong journey through school and CCD.

Here are a few free assignment/grade sheets that might come in handy. Assessment Forms Printable Gradebook Printable Gradebook Paper Grading Sheets and Rubrics FREE Printable Gradebook Sheets FREE Editable Printable Gradebook Sheet Here's a terrific gradebook template designed especially for elementary classroom teachers. Download the gradebook and open it up on Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Enter your student names and grades. The spreadsheet will calculate student averages for each subject. It's completely free from Super Teacher Worksheets! This free Gradebook Template for Excel started out as a very basic grade book spreadsheet, but it has evolved into something that is very useful, flexible, and powerful (and still free). The gradebook download includes 3 different types of grade books that can handle most of the major grading systems used in high school and colleges. This tool allows you to quickly create printable weekly assignments for your students. Weekly Multi Subject Assignment Maker Homework Notification Sheets

Homework Collection Sheet with Homework Pass- Print a worksheet that includes a sheet to monitor homework collection and a pass for a free homework assignment. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your teaching needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing. (Grade K – 5)

Homework Sheet- Do you have a student who frequently forgets homework assignments? This printable homework sheet will help students organize their assignments and will remind them of due dates. (Grade 4 – 9)

Homework Collection Record & Student Restitution Sheet- Document disciplinary needs and actions in your classroom with time-saving, printable forms. A homework collection record will help you keep track of students who are missing their assignments, while a student restitution sheet should be filled out when students are caught cheating. 2 Assignment Sheets to download. Click on Forms and Letters. Look under Academic. Assignment Sheet

Assignment Sheet for Individual Student- Student Name, Date, Assignment, Turned In (2 pages) Editable

Assignment Sheet for Individual Student- Student Name, Date, Assignment, Turned In, Grade (2 pages) Editable

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