Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Life Size Game Boards

Lifesize Monopoly at Brownsburg Public Library

The next time you play a game using a game board, do something totally different, try doing a life size game board. You can do them in your classroom, gym, parking lot, field, wherever you have room. It is a great way to review what you do in class! You can even get the students involved and help you make the game board. The possibilities are endless! It is an enlightening experience that your students will enjoy and never forget.

How to do life size board games: Life Size Monopoly (with entire file you can download) Life Size Monopoly (with directions on how to make it and rules to play the game) How To Make A Big As Life Board Game The Human Board Game to Review for Exams Human Size Board Games Life Size Games Live Action Board Games Life Size Versions of Popular Board Games Giant games and board games 10 Uber Cool Life-Sized Games


Anonymous said...

My friends and I did this idea for a school project.

Amazing_Grace said...

Anonymous- We would love to see what you did! Why don't you post it on your blog and I will link to it from my blog. :)