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Friday, February 15, 2013

How the Catholic Church Chooses a New Pope

How is a new pope chosen? This explanation of papal elections is written in child-friendly language as a way to explain the process of electing a new pope. Download and distribute to older children as a discussion guide, or use as a resource for explaining the process to younger children.

Download includes:

•Beautiful custom artwork
•Full-sized colorful worksheet
•2 small colorful worksheets
•Optional black & white worksheets for quick copying

info.sadlier.com- How the Catholic Church Chooses a New Pope

1 comment:

The Quiltwhinny said...

Hi! I so enjoy the resources I find in your blog. We recently completed some pre-school lessons on Jesus as our Shepherd and ended making toilet paper Jesus and sheep that we labeled with our names and those we love. I'm thinking about now relating that to how Jesus chose his friend Peter to be the shepherd here on earth when he rose to heaven, and how now our church has to pray and elect another shepherd to guide our church on earth. Thought we may make Pope tp craft. I found a nice Pope top and thought we could add white fabric and gold ribbon. If you have any other ideas, please blog about them!
Thanks for all you do. Barb Jansz, Holy Trinity Church, Scales Mound, IL