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Monday, July 1, 2013

Catholic Lesson Plans For Teens

As requested, FREE Catholic lesson plans for small group study or classroom covering a variety of issues for today's teens.

usccb.org- Junior High and High School Catholic lesson plans

loveourcatholicfaith.com- Roman Catholic Confirmation Program
This confirmation material is based on reflections on Holy Scripture and the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church. It was developed over three years of preparing teenage candidates to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Through Group Discussion and Class Activities, this program can help Catechists teach from the Catechism of the Catholic Church in a way that reaches our teenagers.

catholicfaitheducation.blogspot.com- Principle of Catholic Social Justice lessons

4catholiceducators.com- Lesson plans for Catholic Faith Education

lifeteen.com- Great resources for use in any youth ministry environment! Lessons posted as well!

catholicreligionteacher.com- 7th and 8th grade activities

thereligionteacher.com- Great lesson plans by Jared Dees
What Is The Church Lesson Plan, The Liturgy of the Eucharist Lesson Plan, The Liturgy of the Word Lesson Plan, Liturgical Year Lesson Plan and Flash Card Activity, Moses Lesson Plans, Habemus Papam! Pope Francis Lesson Plan, Papal Conclave Lesson Plan, Valentine’s Day Object Lesson: Making Jesus Our Valentine, @Pontifex Lesson Plan on the Pope, Introduction to the Catechism Lesson Plan, Jesus as a Boy in the Temple, The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, New Testament Lesson Plans, Ash Wednesday, “And With Your Spirit” Lesson Plan (New Roman Missal), Hocus Pocus! A New Roman Missal Lesson Plan, Genesis Creation Stories Lesson Plan, Post Confirmation Lesson Plan, Rite of Confirmation Lesson Plan, Feast of the Epiphany in the Modern Day- Lesson Plan Activities, Catholic Thanksgiving Day Lesson Plans on the Eucharist as “Thanksgiving”, Teaching the Mysteries of the Rosary to Elementary Students, etc.

If you know of any other lesson plans online for Catholic teens, please comment so I can add the link to the list!


Denise said...

Joe Paprocki has lessons for Confirmation on his blog, Catechist's Journey.

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Is it okay to shamelessly plug my own website? :)


Thanks for the great work you're doing for Christ and His Church!

In Christ,
Greg Aitchison