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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Christian Halloween Activities

These ideas offer alternatives to the customary Halloween activities. They are simple suggestions to start you thinking and planning. Add your own creativity and there's no limit to the possibilities for family fun!

looktohimandberadiant.com- Plenty of information packed into a booklet or several coloring/info pages, ready for you to use in your classroom or home.

christianity.about.com- Christian Halloween Alternatives

christianity.about.com- Lesson & Activities for Christian Halloween

childrensministry.com- Alternative to Halloween (lots of activities posted!)

dltk-bible.com- How a Christian is Like a Pumpkin

fishersofkids.com- Harvest Party

sunday-school-center.com- Halloween Ideas for Sunday School

educationworld.com- Halloween Party Alternatives from UNICEF

creativeyouthideas.com- Halloween Alternatives For Christians

pinterest.com- Christian Halloween

christianpf.com- 20 Fun Alternative Ideas for Halloween

todayschristianwoman.com- 5 Fun Halloween Alternatives

The Catholic Toolbox- Christian Halloween Crafts

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Sampson Greenovich said...

I have always loved the way that catholic schools teach children morals. It is clear to see through history that children that are schooled in how to behave turn out better. When people are left to decide for themselves what is right they often fall.