Monday, December 12, 2016

Behavior In Mass Worksheet

I found this wonderful Behavior in Mass (worksheet) from, but I needed to adjust it to fit the needs of my first grade students. I will be sure to use this next year when we do Church & Respect Lesson.

Behavior In Mass (worksheet for 1st graders)- Draw a smile face next to the good things to do during Holy Mass. Draw a sad face next to the things not to do during Holy Mass.


Cynthia Coleman said...

I teach 2nd grade parish religious education and the Mass is a big part of what we work on. I love the sheet and the whole idea of it, but can't really use it as it is not encouraged in our parish to come up for a blessing (arms crossed or not). I know it's done in some places, but it is not part of the rubrics of the Mass and not encouraged. Having that line would just be confusing to kids/families, as that is not done in my parish. Would it be okay with you if I did my own version of the sheet and put something else in that block?

Amazing_Grace said...

Cynthia- Oh, sure! I adapted mine from:

If you need any other Mass activities try: