Monday, March 26, 2012

Crafty Crafters: Holy Communion

So how crafty are you?

What is your favorite religious craft you make for Holy Communion?

Introduce craft: How can we remember the reason we celebrate Holy Communion?

Jesus in the Holy Eucharist Craft

*This is an adaptation of craft. This blog and craft have been removed.

1. Print out host template. Cut out and fold host so that it opens like a door with the picture of Jesus inside.

2. Print out template of chalice. Cut out template. Fold a yellow piece of construction paper in half and put the flat side of the chalice template on the folded edge. Trace around template and cut out. When you open it you will have a complete chalice. Be sure to draw in the top part of the chalice.

3. Glue chalice to your background paper and let your child decorate it with crayons, markers, glitter, plastic jewels, sequins, etc.

4. Glue host above the chalice making sure the door opens the correct way. You can also draw a cross on the outside of the host.

This activity is free; however it is only to be used for classroom and personal use. It may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. Reproduction or retransmission of any materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, is not permitted.

Host Template

Chalice Template

Please comment so I can add the link to your blog to this post. We would love to see what you do!

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Jen-Marie @ Catholic Inspired said...

Wow, this looks very similar to my Holy Eucharistic craft...

I guess "great" minds think alike! :-)

Here's another one I made with the same idea in a Monstrance:

Praying you are doing well, Amazing Grace!
God bless.

Amazing_Grace said...

Jennifer- Yes it does look very similar to yours. I wish the was still up. I bet she had lots of crafts to share. Do you happen to know where she went?

Amazing_Grace said...

Jennifer- I knew about your Holy Eucharistic Craft and posted a link to it on my Celebrating the Mass Lesson- Holy Communion. I didn't know about your monstrance one and I will add that one as well. :) Thank you for letting us know.

Jen-Marie @ Catholic Inspired said...

Thanks so much Amazing Grace,
I'm fairly new to blogging.(about a year+) In fact I had no idea what a blog was until my husband asked me to create one for him for work. And even then it took me months before I started to look at other peoples blogs! So, I never heard of catholiccollector, but I imagine they had some good ideas!!! I wish I could see all the wonderful things they had to offer! I've seen so may wonderful blogs!!!
And thanks for yours! God Bless!

Amazing_Grace said...

Jennifer- I'm learning how to blog as I go. I make many mistakes, but oh, well. LOL!

It is a shame that some blogs are gone just when we find them. I hope others share ideas and activities so we can enjoy them. :)

Know any neat Catholic blogs? I love yours! :) I'm always looking for new ideas to use in my classroom and at home.

Dawn Kennedy said...

Can't wait to do this craft with my second grade religious formatio class!! Thanks for sharing.

Amazing_Grace said...

Dawn- I'm doing it soon with my class too. Let us know how it goes with your class. :)

Monica said...

Oh, this is awesome! I love the idea of a picture of Jesus on the Eucharist!