Friday, November 14, 2008

Special Needs Curriculum

Children with special needs can have a hard time participating in most Sunday school classes. Well-written curriculums designed to meet the needs of these special children are extremely rare, but here is one that I found- Special Buddies from Lifeway.

Special Buddies (for kids with special learning needs)

Fast-paced typical church activities can be overwhelming for children with special needs. Bible Teaching for Kids Special Buddies intentionally slows things down and makes time for plenty of repetition, application, and review of biblical concepts. Two Bible stories are presented per month, rather than beginning a new story every week. Lesson plans are in a pick-and-choose format. Teachers choose from more than 12 activities for each story. This enables you to select activities based on the individual skill levels of learners.

Special Buddies works well in all kinds of situations with children of varying developmental levels.

Try it out with...
• a self-contained classroom of school-age children with special needs.
• an individual child who receives one-on-one care at church while parents attend Bible study.
• a child with special needs who attends a typical Sunday School setting but responds well to modified lessons and individualized attention.

And that’s not all! Any teacher who works with any child with special needs at any time during the church week can pick up Special Buddies and use activities to review and boost learning that began last Sunday.

Special Buddies Leader Guide provides multisensory activity ideas for two Bible lessons each month that match stories found in all other Bible Teaching for Kids books. Each lesson includes enough ideas to use for two weeks.

Special Buddies Learner Guide goes hand-in-hand with the Leader Guide. With adult assistance, children complete the activities on each page with little or no reading or writing. Parents may repeat the activity for review and also use the included Parent Tip to build on Bible truths at home.

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