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Lesson Plan- The Good Shepherd (1st grade on up)

Good Shepherd

Objectives: The students will be able to
- retell the story of The Good Shepherd
- explain why Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd
- explain how to experience the Good Shepherd's care: listening to God's voice, coming at God's call, following God's lead
- explain that when they do wrong, Jesus still loves them and will forgive them

Prayer, questions and vocabulary words from last week’s lesson

Vocabulary Words: (Write words on the board and discuss with class)

Parables- stories from every day life with a hidden meaning so people could understand more easily what is being taught
Shepherd- person who watches and takes care of sheep


Read story: "The Good Shepherd" and ask questions from Take Home Sheet that will be sent home today.


Introduce activities: Who is the Good Shepherd? Taking Care of the Sheep object lesson with group activities, coloring, puzzles, worship bulletin Steal the Sheep object lesson with coloring page, group activities, puzzles, quizzes, worship bulletin The Master’s Voice object lesson Who's afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? Object lesson with group activities, coloring, puzzles, worship bulletin Jesus Knows His Own Sheep and We Know Him lesson The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-42) The Good Shepherd lesson #206 with memory verses, circle the correct words, true or false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, and color sheets. Lesson 5: Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

Crafts: The Good Shepherd and Taking Care of the Sheep group activities (crafts) Steal the Sheep group activities (crafts) Big Bad Wolf group activities (crafts)

Introduce craft: Who is the Good Shepherd? BaaBaa Black, Pink, and Blue Sheep? An easy yarn craft (scroll down to the white one with ears) Handprint Lamb or Sheep Craft
This is a very easy craft that the youngest child can help with and makes a beautiful keepsake. Template included. Easter Lamb Craft Lamb Note Card Holder Sheep Egg Clothes Pin Sheep (cute note holder) Fluffy Sheep Lamb of God 3D Stand-Up Craft Kit

Rocking Sheep- Tap the sheep very lightly and they will gently rock from side to side. (The Grolier Kids Crafts Craft Book by Cheryl Owen, page 18 & 19).

The Lord is My Shepherd Magnet- A cute sheep magnet out of popsicle sticks. You can omit the other wooden pieces and mini chalkboard in this craft and just use cardboard or construction paper. (Hands On Crafts for Kids 20-Minute Crafts, page 30 & 31).

Hand Lamb- (this craft was at, but the website has been removed)

What You Need:

• White crayon
• Black, brown, and pink construction paper
• Scissors
• White glue
• Styrofoam tray to work on
• Cotton balls
• Hole punch
• Black sharp-pointed marker
• Thin ribbon

What you do:
1. Use the white crayon to trace around your hand on the black paper. Cut the hand shape out.
2. Cover the palm of the hand and the base of the thumb and fingers with glue. Then attach cotton balls to make a sheep.
3. Punch an eye for the sheep from the brown paper. Use the black marker to draw a dot in the center of the eye for a pupil. Glue the eye to the middle of the thumb.
4. Tie a piece of thin ribbon around the base of the thumb to form a neck for the sheep. Tie the ribbon in a bow.

Games: The Good Shepherd and Taking Care of the Sheep group activities (games) Steal the Sheep group activities (games) Big Bad Wolf group activities (crafts) The Lost Sheep Game

Introduce game: What does a shepherd do? What happens if one lamb is missing? Stray Sheep Game (scroll down for this)

The Lost Sheep Hide and Seek- A great activity game to go with the Bible story. (Super Bible Game Book by Linda Standke, page 146 for game piece and page 146 for directions).

Name Rhythm- This game will allow your students to share a unique thing about themselves with the group, as well as help students see that Jesus knows them each by name. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry by Group Publishing, page 221).


Introduce snack: What is Jesus sometimes called? The Good Shepherd Good Shepherd Snacks (scroll down for these) Easy Easter Lamb Donut Hole Treat Rice Krispies Treat Lamb Pops Popcorn Sheep Shepherd’s Crook Breadsticks

Puzzles, Mazes, Worksheets:

More 365 Activities for Kids (do Good Shepherd with his Sheep spot the difference on August 26. More puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot, spot the difference, etc. at September 29 – October 3.

The Great Bible Big Fun Activity Book: From the Old and New Testaments by Toni Lind
Follow the Dots to see who the shepherd guards against.
Sheep Scramble- Jesus was called the Good Shepherd. How many sheep are in this flock? (maze) Shepherd Looking for His Sheep (maze) The Good Shepherd (dot to dot) The Good Shepherd (word search) Word Search The Good Shepherd (jumble) The Good Shepherd (crossword) Crossword Multiple Choice Fill in the blanks Good Shepherd Worksheets (page 8) John 10:11-18 Worksheet The Good Shepherd lesson #206 with circle the correct words, true or false, fill in the blanks, puzzles, etc. Jesus the Good Shepherd
Locate the following passages in the Bible. Write each verse on the lines provided.

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