Friday, April 6, 2018

Moses Says File Folder Game

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Moses Says File Folder Game: Let’s see how well you can follow directions.

Introduce game: Who led the people from Egypt? (Moses) Where did they go? (The desert.) Did the people listen and do what Moses told them to do? Do you think that is easy? Can you do that? So you think you are good at following directions? Let’s find out.

Directions: Players place their marker on START. The players roll the dice to determine how many spaces to move and spin the direction spinner to find out in which direction. If they spin FORWARD they move forward that many spaces. If they spin BACKWARD they move backward that many spaces. Every time it is your turn to roll the dice, you must spin the spinner to determine the direction. The first player to land on FINISH, either forward or backward, with the exact number and direction, wins the game.

Moses Says Game- Directions, Game Board, Spinner

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