Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Catechist Handbook

It is a good idea to have a Catechist Handbook to acquaint volunteer catechists with the policies and procedures in the Religious Formation Program. The Catechist Handbook will clearly define what the responsibilities are for the catechist and the procedures that they are to follow.

Examples: Catechist Handbook Catechist Handbook Religious Education Catechist Handbook

A Catechist Handbook may consist of:

Mission Statement- Is a brief description of the overall purpose of the CCD program.

Goals- How the CCD program will accomplish and improve student performance.

Qualities of Catechists- What character traits the catechist should have.

Job Description- Responsibilities, Length of Commitment, Who you are accountable to, etc.

Code of Conduct- A code of professional conduct is a necessary component to any profession to maintain standards for the individuals within that profession to adhere. It brings about accountability, responsibility and trust to the individuals that the profession serves.


Code of Pastoral Conduct for Priests, Deacons, Pastoral Ministers, Administrators, Staff, and Volunteers- (page 13 for Volunteer’s Code of Conduct)

Absenteeism- Procedures to follow when catechists are going to be absent.

Classroom Policies & Procedures- Admission, Arrival/Dismissal, Attendance, Class Assignment, Child Care, Class Location, Class Size, Class Structure & Management, Classroom Use, Communication, Confirmation, Curriculum, Discipline, Dress Code, Early Dismissal, Emergency Procedures, Field Trips, First Communion, First Reconciliation/Penance, Food & Drinks, Grading, Homework, Inclement Weather, Inservice Training, Lesson Planning, Lost Books, Meetings, Participation at Sunday Mass, Records & Privacy, Registration, Report Cards/Progress Reports, Resources/Equipment/Supplies, RCIA for Children, Sacramental Preparation, Safety, Set Up/Clean Up, Student Supervision, Students with Special Needs, Tardiness, Tests, Visitors, Miscellaneous Forms/Lists, etc.

*In the back of the handbook, on a separate piece of paper that is to be given to the DRE:

Signature of Catechist and Date- I have received and reviewed the Catechist Handbook and the Parent/Student Handbook for the Religious Education Program. I understand the policies, rules and regulations stated therein and agree to abide by them.

*What else could be in the Catechist Handbook? Please leave a comment and add to the list.


Thatresourcesite said...

Thanks for this post. I liked seeing what other parishes have done. We have a handbook for our CCD program, but this info gives ideas on how to expand it and make it more of a resource as opposed to a reference.


The Team

Amazing_Grace said...

That Resource Team-
I like seeing what other parishes have done as well to get ideas for our CCD. :)

Anonymous said...

If you would like a copy of my Catechist Handbook email me.

Amazing_Grace said...

Thanks, Eva, but I am not teaching ccd any more. Maybe others might be interested in seeing yours. Thank you for sharing. :)

Unknown said...

Eva, I would love a copy of your handbook. I have tried emailing you, but, it says I have an invalid email address. Can you send me a copy to ? I would love to see it. thanks