Monday, January 23, 2017

Crafty Crafters: Valentine’s Day

So how crafty are you?

What is your favorite craft you make for Valentine’s Day?

Here is a craft you can make with your students using their handprint: ASL I Love You Craft
This fun craft uses a cut out of a child’s hand to create the ASL sign (American Sign Language) for I-Love-You. Children will love using their imagination to decorate the paper heart that they will glue their hand sign on.


Red construction paper
Skin colored construction paper
Buttons or other decorations


Fold the red piece of construction paper in half and cut a heart out of it. Students can do this on their own if you draw half of a heart on the paper for them to roughly follow as they cut. Help the students trace their hand on the skin colored construction paper. Cutting the hand out is too detailed for many younger students to do on their own and may cause them to become frustrated. Help these students by cutting their hands out of the paper for them if they would like you to.

Teach the students what the ASL sign for I-Love-You is. Have them practice making the sign. When the paper hands are cut out, help students to fold down the two middle fingers. Glue the fingers down to the palm of the hand. Glue the entire hand cut out to the center of the heart.

Provide students with glitter, buttons, stamps, stickers, and other decorations. Allow them to use their imaginations and decorate their heart in whatever way that they would like to.

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