Friday, August 16, 2019

Top Things That MUST Be Done Before Every Class

What are the top things that must be done before every class? Well, everyone is different as well as their needs, but maybe sharing what we found that has to be done before class so it can run smoothly and efficiently will help others.

Here is my list of top things that must be done before class:

1. Have prepared and well planned lesson plans. Before you do anything you must plan and prepare. Having a well planned and prepared CCD class is essential. Without this your students cannot learn to their fullest potential. A well planned and prepared lesson plan will also help to avoid possible behavior problems that could arise in your class as well. A thorough and thought out lesson plan should include various elements to promote good learning. Using a lesson plan template will help you keep everything in mind.

2. Be prepared and know the material. Know your subject. Read, study, and learn. A good lesson depends on how well the catechist understands the material.

3. Always arrive at least 30 minutes before your class starts. To enhance your students learning prepare your classroom. A well-organized catechist and classroom is a must. Without it, your students will not learn to their fullest potential. Have all materials and equipment ready and in the classroom before class starts. The attendance list, worksheets, puzzles, coloring sheets, crafts, etc. should be within easy reach and organized on your desk or table. If crafts need to be pre-cut and/or patterns copied onto construction paper for younger students, be sure to have this done before class. Crayons, glue, pencils (sharpened), etc. should be organized in containers so you do not need to interrupt your lesson to go to search for them when they are needed. Keep these supplies nearby within easy reach. Only put supplies on the student’s desk/table when they are needed and not before. This will help keep distractions down to a minimum. Write on the chalk board vocabulary words for today’s lesson or any key words that you want your students to know before class starts.

4. Print worksheets, puzzles, crafts, etc. for your students. Make extra copies just in case you get a new student or if someone brings a friend to class.

5. All technical equipment (VCRs, computers, overhead projectors, CD/DVD players, etc.) should be ready to go and you know how to use them.

What are your tops things that you must do before class? Please comment and I will add it to the post.


dvd to mp4 converter said...

Well done. it is extremely helpful for me.

Anonymous said...

I always tell catechists that at least 70% of the success of their class is due to what is done before stepping foot in the classroom.

Amazing_Grace said...

catechesisinthethirdmillennium- You are so right!!!!! :)