Saturday, February 13, 2021

Lentopoly Game

I saw this game online by Michelle, Marnie, and Minette and thought it was so neat! It looked like so much fun and the kids would really enjoy it! Such a great learning tool for Lent too! The game is not posted online, but I got permission from them to expand upon it and post for others to use for free.

Lentopoly is a game that is meant to incorporate the 3 aspects of Lent: prayer, fasting & almsgiving. By doing the charitable acts each day the child “earns” tokens (nails, pennies, beans, etc.). You can have a container full of tokens and each child has their own jar to put their ‘earned’ tokens into each day. On Easter the tokens are replaced with jelly beans or other candy/item of your choice. Parents can play too! If you decide to use money, you should decide what organization will get your money on Easter – your parish, pro-life group, rice bowl, etc.

Everyone begins on the space marked “GO.” Each day of Lent, roll the dice & move the amount shown. If you complete the task indicated on the space, you receive a token. Whenever you pass or land on “GO” you receive 2 tokens. If you land on an “Extra Blessing” space & complete the task on the card you draw, you receive 2 tokens. If you land on an “Extra Sacrifice” space & complete the task on the card you draw, you receive 4 tokens. If you do not complete the task, you do not receive any tokens. Play the game each day from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday (you do not have to play on Sundays). On Easter, everyone wins!

This game is free, however it is only to be used for classroom and personal use. It may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. Reproduction or retransmission of any materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, is not permitted. All graphics/images/clipart etc. used on the activities or games are not my own and are from various internet sources.

Lentopoly- Rules/Directions, Game Board, Title, Extra Blessing Cards, Extra Sacrifice Cards


CMerkal said...

Thank you so much for this! Trying this out in my classroom tomorrow!

Amazing_Grace said...

Please let us know how it goes. I hope your students enjoy the game. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the post! I'm wondering if it would be alright to distribute paper copies through a Catholic school for children to take home and play with their families during Lent. Could you help me get in touch with the people who created the game?

Amazing_Grace said...

You can make copies for your students to take home and play with their families. I hope they enjoy it! :)