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All Saints Day/Feast/Saints

References All Saints' Day The Feast of All Saints Solemnity of All Saints Old Calendar: Feast of All Saints Feast of All Saints All About Saints Saint index, Saints Facts, Patron Saints, Popular Saints, etc. Saints (A list of patron saints and their 'specialty) Patron Saints (a comprehensive list of saints) This site has information on topics with patron saints, and profiles of those saints. Profiles have portraits, biographical information, areas of patronage, prayers, links to related sites, readings, etc. Saint Index, Saint of the Week, Terminology, etc.

Activities Saint Activities Saint stories for kids are a great way to introduce children to positive role models. From St. Valentine to St. Patrick, St. Michael to St. Nicholas, kids will love learning more about these heroes. Explore the site for saint activities and saint books just for kids. Get saint information and insight on a wide variety of Catholic saints at Loyola Press. How Can We Help? (celebrate the Communion of Saints by helping others) Let's Celebrate (understand how All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebrate the Communion of Saints Saint Activities (several activities posted) Saints Museum
A very educational activity that all students will enjoy. Catholic Saints Research Projects: One of the most popular projects assigned in religious education programs is a research project on the saints. Confirmation candidates almost always have to do some research on their Confirmation saint and many Catholic school teachers find such research to be very valuable in supplementing the lessons of the year. Saints Web Quest A Saintly Quest (An RE Web Quest) Classroom Activities on Saints Ideas for Sanctifying Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day All Saints’ Day Activities Christian Saint Days (crafts, recipes, activities and lessons for Christian saints' days) All Saints Party Ideas Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links and Resources Saint Post Directory
This is an alphabetical list of all the holy men and women I have posts about. Click on the saint’s name to see all the posts related to that saint. List where you can find Liturgical Folders celebrating the Saints and Feast Days through the Liturgical Year. Scroll down the right sidebar for various saints. Click on the saint you want for activities. Notebooking pages of saints to print out Information and cute artworks of saints. Happy Saints ebooks available that features fun artworks of beloved Saints of God in printable posters, prayer cards, greeting cards, coloring pages and badges for countless activities and occasions. About The Communion of Saints and an activity Mini Saint Information Fill-in Page for Children

Study Guide Worksheet for Saint Stories by Theresa at The worksheet includes spaces to summarize the life of the saint, as well as identify something that we can learn from that particular saint. There are spaces for the patronage, feast day, drawing, and quote from each saint. The bottom of the worksheet includes a timeline of church history so the students can add the saint to the timeline and see where that saint fits into our history.

Coloring All Saints Day Saint Coloring Sheets. You can find all of her coloring pages listed up at the top of her blog by clicking on the tab. Saint coloring pages that you can download for free. Scroll down and click on the saint you want. The link will take you directly where you can download a black and white PDF file of the saint. Saints The Feasts of All Saints

Coloring Saints- Free pictures of Saints for kids to color Saints Coloring Pages Saints Coloring Pages to Print

Costumes All Saints Day Costume Ideas for Girls All Saints Day Costume Ideas for Boys Costumes Ideas for All Saints Day- Saints Who Go Together

Crafts Saint Craft for Catholic Kids- Printable Templates for Paper Bag Puppets

Spoon Saint Craft by Alice Cottage- make saints by using ice cream spoons Saint Post Directory
This is an alphabetical list of all the holy men and women I have posts about. Click on the saint’s name to see all the posts related to that saint.

Saint Mobile- Give each student a picture of a saint of their choice on cardstock. Have them cut out the saint. On five blank index cards (you can cuts these in half to make them smaller) have the students write 5 things about the saint on the index cards. To make a simple mobile attach the saint to a long piece of string and hang the five index cards below it in a line. *You can also make a saint craft and hang the index cards below it. All Saints Day and All Souls Day Folders

Games All Saint’s Scavenger Hunt {A Printable Party Game} Patron Saint Trivia Game and Patron Saint Row Race (scroll down to these)

Name That Saint- Divided the class into teams. Give clues about a saint and have students guess who it is. The team with the highest score wins. Saint Bingo Saints in Catholicism Bingo Cards All Saints Day Party Games


All Saints Day- (Grade K)

We Celebrate All Saints: Friends of God (Grade 1)

We Celebrate All Saints: Stars for God (Grade 2)

We Celebrate All Saints: Honoring Their Memory (Grade 3)

We Celebrate All Saints: They Chose God (Grade 4)

We Celebrate All Saints: Called To Holiness (Grade 5)

We Celebrate All Saints: A Consecrated People (Grade 6)

Celebrating All Saints (Ages 8 – 10)- Click on Spirituality Resources, then Celebrating All Saints

Built on a Rock—All Saints (Ages 10 – 12)- Click on Spirituality Resources, then Built on a Rock

Puzzles All Saints Day word search with solution All Saints (crossword) We Believe
Crossword- Children learn about Mary and the saints as models of happiness.
Grade 3, Chapter 25 (Pick the grade, type of visitor, and click on Go To. Look under Printable Activities and click on Chapters).

Quizzes Know Your Saints Quiz St. Patrick


When the Saints Come Marching In

Worksheets Who Is Your Saint Posse?
Use the reference materials provided to research your patron saints
and form your own Saint Posse. Saint Nicholas
Draw yourself being God’s helper. All Saints
Some petals below tell you how the Saints acted. Some do not. Print on the flowers the words show how the Saints loved God. Color the flower. Who am I?
Identify the Saints by the clues given. Saints
Pick one of the saints below and write something about them. Honoring the Saints
In the space below, draw a picture that represents something special event in the life of your favorite saint. Write something beneath that tells about the saint. Remembering the Saints
Identify the following (fill in the blanks). Saints Worksheet
Questions to answer about saints. We Believe
Mary and the Saints- Draw a line to match. Grade 2, Chapter 25 (Pick the grade, type of visitor, and click on Go To. Look under Printable Activities and click on Chapters). Cartoon Worksheet
All Saints All Saints Day and All Souls Day BLMs
Here you will find printable PDF versions of the Blackline Masters (BLMs) that accompany the Finding God: Our Response to God's Gifts program Seasonal Sessions for All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Click on PGW Online Activities. Log in (it’s free). Look under Age Appropriate Activities- At Home Activities. There you will find several worksheets on saints. More worksheets under: Saints for the Season and Feasts of the Season. November 1 is All Saints’ Day. We honor all the people who have died and now live with God forever. Can you tell who the following saints are? Write their names in the boxes. Choose from the saints on the left. On November 1, we celebrate all the saints in heaven, who are together in the presence of God. We pray to join them someday. Draw a line from the saints’ stories to their names. Finish this story about St. Francis. Use the words below to fill in the blanks. Using the saints named at the bottom of this page, finish each question by putting the letter of the correct saint(s) in the blank. Can you tell the career of each saint from the clues he or she gives you? Choose the career from the box below and write it on the line next to the saint’s name.

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