Monday, October 16, 2023

All Souls’ Day Activities

References and Activities All Souls' Day All Souls Day All Souls Day All Souls' Day What Is All Souls Day? All Soul's November 2 Lectionary, Scripture Study and Worship Links and Resources Catholic Activity: All Souls' Day ideas for the family Create a “Purgatory Box” to Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory for All Souls Day and Throughout the Year Remembering and Praying for the Dead – Teaching Kids About All Souls’ Day Praying For The Dead With Kids Teaching Students About All Souls’ Day All Souls’ Day Lesson Plan and Activities All Souls Day Lesson All Saints Day and All Souls Day Lesson Plan Grades 4-6 All Saints Day and All Souls Day Lesson Plan Grades 7-8

Coloring All Souls’ Day Great printout for remembering our departed on All Souls Day. Prayer for the Faithful Departed. Prayer for the Faithful Departed Coloring

Crafts Stand Up Craft
This stand up craft gives you a visual reminder to pray for the Holy Souls each day during November. You can white out the year and change it. White out the names that are provided and add your own. DIY All Souls Votive Candles (scroll down to this) Votive Candle Wrap (Prayer for the Faithful Departed) All Souls’ Day Candle Craft (scroll down to this) All Souls Family Prayer Candle Ora Pro Nobis Candy Boxes

Puzzles & Worksheets All Souls’ Day Word Search All Souls Day Word Search Puzzle All Souls Day Word Search/Scramble/Crossword Bundle Puzzles All Souls Day Letters (scroll down to this) All Souls Day Prayer Booklet | Free Catholic Activity Feast of All Souls Eternal Rest Prayer Worksheet (scroll down to this)

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