Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What To Include In Your Lesson Plan

Each teacher is different and so are their students, but there are a few things that need to be in a lesson plan. While there are many formats for a lesson plan, most lesson plans contain some or all of these elements.

What should be included in your lesson plan?

1. Subject or Topic- what the lesson is about

2. Brief Overview- a short description of your lesson

3. Objectives- what you want the students to learn

4. Prerequisites- factor in necessary prep activities to make sure that students can meet the lesson objectives. What must students already be able to do before this lesson? What concepts have to be mastered in advance to accomplish the lesson objectives?

5. Materials & Equipment- what materials and equipment are needed to teach the lesson

6. Introduction or lead in to the lesson- this is designed to focus students on the skill or concept about to be instructed. This includes showing pictures or models, asking leading questions, or reviewing previously taught lessons.

7. Vocabulary and Key Words- terminology you want your students to learn

8. Lesson Procedure- a detailed, step-by-step description of how to do the lesson and achieve lesson plan objectives. This includes all the activities the teacher will have the students do. This section is divided into several parts and basically consists of: an introduction, a main activity, and closure. Depending on the students and how best they learn the lesson plan can consist of crafts, games, worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles, skits, etc. All the activities focus on the objectives that the teacher wants the students to learn.

9. Follow Up Lessons/Activities- activities for enrichment and remediation and/or lessons that might follow as a result of this lesson. This could also be a review of the lesson to help students understand and comprehend what they have just learned.

10. Assessment/Evaluation- how you will evaluate what the students have learned.

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Unknown said...

I probably should copy and paste that or download it from your group. I am challenged every week with my lessons. Ugh!Thank God for curriculum but when 1/2 of it doesn't work then what. LOL