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Lesson Plan- (Pre K - K) Creation- Day One: God Created Light

Creation- Day One: God Created Light

Objective: The children will be able to
- retell the story of Creation
- explain what God created
- identify what God created on the first day


Prayer and questions from last week’s lesson.

Vocabulary Words:

Pick the words that you want to use from below: Creation Theme Word Wall Words Word wall templates are large flash card printables that you can hang on the wall to aid children when they are learning or using new vocabulary words. You can also do this activity- What did God make? Have “God made” already on the board and ask the children to find the correct answer using the words/picture cards provided. Creation Word Wall
Use these printable Word Wall cards to go through the days of creation with your children. There are also key words from the creation story in Genesis chapter 1.


Circle Time:

Read story: "Creation" from your own story book or read "And God Said" from the book Snip-And-Tell Bible Stories by Karyn Henley, page 9 – 10, and do cut outs while the story unfolds. Then ask questions from below using Creation Cards to help the children remember what happened each day. Post cards on the bulletin board for future reference. There are lots of ways to use these for your students.

1. What did God make the first day? Light

2. What did God make the second day? Sky

3. What did God make the third day? Seas, land, and plants.

4. What did God make the fourth day? Sun, moon, and stars.

5. What did God make the fifth day? Creatures in seas and sky.

6. What did God make the sixth day? Animals on land and man.

7. Did God make the stars? Yes

8. Did God make the animals? Yes

9. How many days did it take God to create the whole world? Six

10. What did God do on the seventh day? God rested.

Songs and/or Finger Plays:

Introduce songs and/or finger plays: Who created heaven and the earth? God Creation Song Days of Creation Song Creation Songs (several posted here) Creation Songs, Poems, and Finger Play God Made (finger play) You Are God’s Creation (finger play) I Have Two Eyes (finger play)

Activities: Creation Day 1 - Light Theme for Preschool (lesson) Creation Day One (Preschool Bible Lesson)


Introduce craft: What did God do the first day? God created light. Let There Be Light Scratch Light Picture, Let There Be Light Suncatcher Craft, Day and Night Picture, Paper Plate Light Catcher, (scroll down to these)

Day to Night Wheel- Crafts to Celebrate God's Creation by Kathy Ross, page 10 & 11. Sunday School Crafts: Creation Day 1 Day One of Creation: Light


Introduce game: What did God do the first day? God created light. Play “Let There Be Light”, Let There Be Light Shadow Puppet Drawing, Let There Be Light Shadow Puppet Game, Glow In The Dark, etc. (scroll down to these)

Day One: Light and Dark- The Big Book of God’s Amazing Creation: Science and Nature Activities for Ages 3 – 12 by Gospel Light, page 25.


Introduce snack: What did God do the first day? God created light. Black and White Cookies (separating light and darkness) Creation Cookies


Prayers while students are doing coloring and/or puzzles. Creation Coloring Pages “Let There Be Light” Day 1 Creation Coloring Page (scroll down to this) On the first day God created light and dark (coloring sheet page 2)

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Creation: Day 1- handwriting & coloring sheet

Let There Be Light (dot to dot)- Dot to Dot Bible Pictures (Grades: PK – K) by Linda Standke, page 4. (Click on Sample and go to page 4.)

Let There Be Light (dot to dot)- Bible Story Puzzle ‘n’ Learn! PK – K, page 4.


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