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Lesson Plan- (Pre K - K): Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Calms the Storm

Objectives: The children will
- retell the story of Jesus Calms the Storm
- discuss being scared and what you can do when you are scared
- identify who will take care of them
- discuss why they do not have to be afraid
- identify the miracle that Jesus did in the story Jesus Calms the Storm

Prayer and questions from last week’s lesson

Vocabulary Words:

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Jesus Calms the Storm Word Wall- Word wall templates are large flash card printables that you can hang on the wall to aid children when they are learning or using new vocabulary words.


Circle Time:

Before the children arrive, select several pictures from magazines of things children may be afraid of; for example, a big dog, bugs, a dark room or an angry-faced person. Gather the children in a circle. As you show them each picture, ask:

Is this something that might scare you?

Why does it seem scary?

After looking at the pictures, ask the children to share other things they're afraid of. Some children may be embarrassed to share their fears. Empathize with the children and agree their fears are valid. Share things that scare you.

Say: It sounds like all of us have times when we are scared, even adults. God cares about how we feel. Let’s learn how God can help us when we’re scared.

Introduction to story: What do you do when you’re afraid? Discuss. Let’s see what the disciples did when they were afraid.

Read story "Jesus Calmed the Storm" from your own story book or while reading the story do cut outs from “Wind and Waves” from Snip-And-Tell Bible Stories by Karyn Henley, page 82) as the story unfolds.

Or do this activity below with your children. Jesus Calms the Sea

Then ask questions from below.

Where were the disciples and Jesus when a great storm came? (They were in a boat.)

What was Jesus doing when a great storm came? (He was sleeping.)

Who was scared? (The disciples.)

Why were they scared? (They thought they were all going to drown.)

Who calmed the storm? (Jesus)

Jesus said we do not have to be afraid. Why? (Because He will take care of us.)

What miracle did Jesus do? (He calmed the storm.)

Songs and/or Finger Plays:

Jesus Loves Me: 13 Lessons Introducing Preschoolers to God by Group Publishing, page 17- Bible Story Fun: children make sounds and do motions as you read the story

Sung to Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat, even in a storm!
Jesus will protect us all and keep us safe and warm!

Jesus Calms A Mighty Storm (song)- More Toddlerific! by David C Cook Publishing Company, page 44.

God Is With Me

God is with me day and night. When it is dark (cover eyes with hands). When it is light (remove hands from eyes). He is always watching me (cup hands around eyes like a pair of binoculars). Wherever I am (turn around in a circle with arms stretched out), He can see (point to eyes) and God will take care of me (hug self).


Introduce activities: What can we do when we are afraid? Peace, Be Still object lesson Peace Be Still (group activities) The Tempest object lesson Jesus Calms the Storm lesson with activities


Introduce movie:

Where's God When I'm S-Scared? Tales From the Crisper (Veggie Tales)) and ask questions:

What was Junior watching on TV that made him scared? (A monster movie.)

Who will always watch over you? (God)

Why does God take care of us? (Because he loves us.)


Introduce craft: Where were the disciples and Jesus when a great storm came? (They were in a boat.) Halves Boat Shape Craft Simple Sailboat Craft Bible Story Boat How to Make a Jesus Calms the Storm Craft (directions and templates provided) 3D Printable Paper Project (Jesus and his disciples in a storm) Ocean in a Bottle Sea of Galilee Bottle (scroll down to this craft) Jesus Calms the Storm Crafts

Jesus Stills the Storm- Bible Story Wheel (Bible Wheels to Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo, page 41 & 42.) Jesus Calms the Storm Craft


Introduce game: Each time we are afraid we can remember who is with us. Who is this? (God) Peace! Be Still! group activities (games are posted) Scroll down to: Jesus Calms The Storm (near the bottom) - use a parachute or a large sheet and let the children wave it really fast, if you can use a blue sheet, all the better. Have one person yell stop and have all the children stop waving the sheet or parachute and explain how Jesus calmed the storm. For older children, you can put a ball or other soft object on the sheet or parachute and make the object of the game to keep the ball from falling off the edges.

Sinking Sails (Jesus Calms a Storm)- This game will help children know God is in control and help children know how the disciples felt while at sea in a storm. (The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry by Group Publishing, page 78.)


Introduce snack: Who will always help and protect you? (God)

You'll need peanut butter, round crackers, banana slices, raisins, plastic knives and napkins.

Have kids spread peanut butter onto round crackers. Cover with banana slices and top with raisins.

Say: These crackers look like eyes. If you put two next to each other, you could pretend these eyes are God's eyes watching you to know when to help and protect you. Stormy Seas Jelly


Prayers while students are doing coloring and/or puzzles. Jesus Calms the Storm (coloring) Calms Storm (coloring) Jesus Calms the Storm (coloring) “Safe In the Boat with Jesus” by Jill Kemp booklet or one page Bible story you can color (scroll down for this)

Letter W for Wind and Water. Children can practice writing letters, filling in the blank and learning sight words. (Scroll down to this.) W for Water handwriting sheets B for Boat handwriting sheets Boat (dot-to-dot)

Jesus Stops a Storm- These pictures tell the story of Jesus calming the storm. They are all mixed up. Number them in the correct order. (Big Puzzles for Little Hands: Jesus’ Life and Lessons by Carla Williams, page 51)

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