Friday, June 18, 2010

Craft Storage Ideas

My dream closet!

I don’t know about you, but my CCD craft supplies are taking over the house. Hubby says I’m hogging the closets and our guest room doesn’t look like a place anyone in their right mind would like to stay. Craft supplies can be big and bulky and can get out of control especially when you have to collect objects to make some of the crafts (example: Welch’s Grape Juice plastic containers, toilet paper rolls, glass jars, etc.). My parish craft supplies are limited so I provide most of my own for my classroom. I also have several samples of crafts to show the students so they will understand what we are making.

So what can we do? We can’t get rid of our craft supplies.

Crafts Storage Ideas: Tips for Storing and Organizing Your Craft Supplies Top Craft Supply Storage Ideas Easy Organizing: Craft Supplies
(Just click on the slide show and ideas will pop up beside it on the right side.) Organizing Craft Supplies In A Small Space Organizing Kid’s Art and Crafts Supplies Organize Craft Supplies! (pictured is the inside of Martha Stewart’s Craft Armoire) Making a Craft Armoire (you can make this in a spare closet or shelves on a wall) The Perfect Craft Cabinet (you can make this in a spare closet or shelves on a wall)
*Also known as “My Dream Closet”. Craft Area Storage Tips White elfa Crafts Closet

*Time for me to get busy and clean up my craft mess. I’ll be sure to post what I finally come up with.


Paper Dali said...

Yay! Thank you SO much for posting these lovely ideas.

We're moving in a few days, and I keep thinking, "OK, in this next house, I will be neater about where I put all my fabric scraps and yarn. Really."

I mean, really.

Thanks for sharing these ideas!

Jared Dees said...

This is great -- thank you for posting this! I am big on simplicity, but it is so difficult to effectively store supplies for crafts. I will be sending this along to my wife and other elementary school specialists!

Gardenia said...

I'm back tonight to say thanks for compiling all these neat sites, all of which I checked out today, and now I'm inspired!