Thursday, September 23, 2010

CCD Curriculums

Each parish must choose a curriculum to use with their CCD classes. It is a hard decision to make, but one must be chosen and used by the catechists to teach their students from. The curriculums are usually approved by the diocese and is in full accord with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and all the doctrinal and moral teachings of the Church. The priest and/or the DRE usually review various curriculums and make recommendations. Finally a decision is made and the curriculum is purchased.

There are numerous curriculums out there and I was wondering what everyone was using.

What curriculum do you or your parish use for CCD?


Apostle to Suburbia said...

We combine two: Loyola's bilingual program "Knowing Our Catholic Faith" and LTP's "Celebrating the Lectionary." But we change curriculum every year because we're a parish in transition in a unique situation. Multi-grade, bilingual classrooms in a rapidly growing parish with not much space to meet in. We also use Loyola's "God's Gift: Reconciliation/Eucharist" bilingual edition for Sacrament prep.

In previous years, we've done: 1) just CTL, 2) Ignatius Faith & Life, 3) Ignatius Image of God, 4) RCL Faith First. They each have their favorite for primary is Image of God. I like Faith & Life for older elementary. Baltimore Catechism is also good, but I've just used that as a supplement.

Amazing_Grace said...

Over the years I have used several different curriculums too. I find that one cannot do the job effectively. :)

Right now our parish uses Christ Our Life from Loyola Press. I also supplement it with:

Nichole "Nikki" Warren said...

Our Parish just switched curriculum. We will be using the Finding God Series. It's approved by the USCCB and the authors just happen to be parish members.

The curriculum we used prior to this was used for 15 years and it was also written by a parish member.

Amazing_Grace said...


Oh, my! That is so neat! :)